Karadium is a K-Beauty brand that was new and gaining popularity when I was in high school (which wasn’t too long ago mind you) because of its affordable price and range of products. I bought this sometime last year and only opened it recently, so let’s get onto the review!

In the years since its initial launch, Karadium has been gaining popularity which isn’t surprising. But despite not knowing much about the brand, I’ve been very curious about the products themselves. First off, when I hear about a tint stick, I kind of expect it to be a little sheer and a bit more tinting than a regular lipstick.

Karadium lip stick

But really, this just kind of felt like a waxy lipstick with great colour. Oh, and the colour is buildable. It doesn’t last long, nor does it really stain your lips for a period of time either. What it will stain, is the dry skin on your lips. For some reason, the colour will really hold onto the dry skin and it looks weird after it’s all gone.

You can re-touch it without any problems though, so I wouldn’t worry about that unless you didn’t bring it with you. The lipstick is dual-ended, one end containing the stick and the other containing this sponge blender/smudger. I don’t have much use with the sponge end, I just find it easier to use my finger to blend or smudge the lipstick.

If you use the sponge, the colour of the lipstick eventually will start sticking and look noticeable on the black blending sponge. It also leads me to question it hygienically, so yeah I just wouldn’t use it…

Overall, the product isn’t bad. It works like any other lipstick and smells fruity. The price isn’t too bad since it’s on par with most branded ones too, however I don’t believe these are still being sold.


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