In early April, a few days into the Sephora Sale, Laneige released a Limited Cherry Blossom Lip Sleeping Mask scent. It sold out within a few days (and before the Beauty Insider Sale started for Sephora Insiders) but I still managed to get one! Here’s my review of this new addition.

For those who don’t know, the lip masks are supposed to be used at night to moisturize your lips and keep them smooth. I personally use mine as a wipe/wash-off lip mask before lipsticks sometimes, but I also occasionally use it during the night.

I personally love Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Masks. I bought my first one a few years ago and have kept using them since, and I’ve also gotten my mom hooked onto using it nightly. We currently use the original Berry flavour because it’s the only one my mom can stand the scent of.

Packaging of Laneige's Cherry Blossom Lip Sleeping Mask
Packaging of Laneige’s Cherry Blossom Lip Sleeping Mask

I was originally going to get the Grapefruit flavour during the Sephora sale, but I pivoted when I found out about the Cherry Blossom scent. I actually ended up waiting a little longer so I could get the Insider discount for the lip mask, but it ended up being sold out before I could even get my hands on it. Boo.

Then, a few days before the end of the sale, I ended up stopping by Pacific Mall and I remembered that there’s an Aritaum store there, and Laneige is a brand that’s also sold at Aritaum. I took a chance hoping that they still had the Cherry Blossom flavour and guess what? They still had a lot of them!

The price was the same and I also got some samples thrown in as a bonus (I also signed up for their rewards so I think I got extra samples from that). So I got an Iope skincare trial set, and three sample packets of the Laneige Sleeping Mask in addition to my lip mask purchase.

New container look for the Laneige Cherry Blossom Lip Sleeping Mask
New container look for the Laneige Cherry Blossom Lip Sleeping Mask

This lip mask is in a light pink box with some flowers and the container itself is the same pink colour. The lip mask colour is also a light pink (I think you get the theme here). And the biggest difference is the spatula and how the spatula is packaged, it’s in a bit of a sleeve instead of the envelope style I’m used to. And it seems that the spatula is a little more sturdy too.

Laneige Cherry Blossom Lip Mask Spatula
Laneige Cherry Blossom Lip Mask Spatula

I was a little worried when I tried the mask the night I got it because there was one review on Sephora where someone said it was heavily perfumed and that while they loved the formula the product was too heavily scented. I’m alright with scented products but some scents used are overwhelming to me, whereas others are fine with it.

So that night when I tried it, I was a little confused (in a good way I suppose). It wasn’t that heavily scented in my opinion, but if you’re used to the Berry scent lip mask, then yes it will be a little much. The review was spot on with the scent though: sweet floral. So it may be hit or miss for some people.

The Cherry Blossom scent is not like Bath & Body Works’ Cherry Blossom line though, it’s actually very similar to Yves Rocher’s Cherry Blossom perfume (discontinued). That perfume was my signature scent for most of high school, and I still have 1/4 of a bottle of it at home. It’s a really nice scent but I think it’s more suited as a perfume than a lip mask. I still like the scent overall, though.

The mask works like any other of the Laneige lip masks, but it might be a little smoother. There is one thing that might put people off though; depending on how much product you’re using, the scent lingers on your lips.

Laneige Cherry Blossom Lip Mask Texture
Laneige Cherry Blossom Lip Mask Texture

On the first test of the lip mask, I used a small amount (you might be able to see it in the picture if the inside of the mask pot). When I wiped it off, the scent did not linger nor did I taste it. But when I used a little more a few nights later, I could smell and taste the scent on my lips. The Berry scent didn’t have the same problem for me.

If you’re interested in getting this, I suggest using a lighter/smaller amount on your lips to avoid the lingering scent. Alternatively, washing the mask off instead of just wiping it off would also prevent the lingering scent issue. And I would look into buying this at a store that sells K-Beauty if you don’t want to wait for Sephora to restock them.

Overall, despite the stronger (but not overpowering) scent and having “tasted” the product lol, I like it. I do admit it will not be for everyone, but I think it’s a nice change to the current lineup of flavours. It matches the current spring weather well and it’d be nice to take some pictures of this beside some Cherry Blossom Trees downtown.

I wish I could link the product but from what I gather, it was pretty limited. I think you’ll have better chances visiting or calling up your local Aritaum store to see if they have any left. I hope you enjoyed this review, and have a good Cherry Blossom season if you have them where you live.


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