I finally took the plunge and got the Lip Mask during Sephora’s beauty insider appreciation event, though I’ve heard of this holy grail item since I started getting into Korean skincare back in 2015. Boy, does time fly lol. Prior to getting this, my lip exfoliant was the sugar lip scrub from lush, I think it was called Santa? Or something along the lines of that. It was pretty good, but let’s see how the Lip Sleeping mask fares!
How to use the Lip Sleeping Mask:

  • use applicator to scoop out a bit of product and apply to lips, leave overnight
  • wipe off in the morning
I tried using the lip mask as intended over night, but I didn’t even last a few minutes before I decided to wipe it off. I have a pet peeve for any product that’s overly oily (I have oily-normal combination skin) and sticky, not to mention that I do tend to lick my lips a lot during the night, so it didn’t seem ideal…..
I ended up using the lip mask as this primer/moisturizing product before I apply lipstick, so I’d apply a thin coat and leave it on while I put makeup on or etc, and then wipe it off before applying lipstick. It removed a good amount of dry skin that makes lipstick look weird, and moisturizes my lips so the lipsticks would adhere longer.
Overall, the product may seem expensive for a small jar, however, with the way it works and how little product you need I say it’s worth it. Though I do know that there are places where you can get it for about $18-ish,  I’ll leave it up to you whether you want to get it at sephora or etc.

Anyone try this lip mask before? Do you use it like intended or another way? Let me know in the comments!


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