Christmas Eve is in 3 days, this post is for all those people out there still looking for presents/present ideas. The products may not be available in some places, but I hope that this post at least helps you all a little.
1. Perfume
If the person your shopping for tends to wear a lot of perfume or is always trying to look for the perfect scent, try giving them a perfume sampler set. They typically come with 4-5 2.5ml bottles/spritzers in a box. There are also perfume cofferets available from Shoppers Drug Mart (online only I believe) of fairly high end brands, they come with 4-5 deluxe sampler bottles and a gift certificate for about $100.

2. Skincare
Christmas means cold weather and possibly snow. Around this time, skincare is a blessing to keep our skin moisturized and to prevent flakes. Here are some picks of popular skincare items that would make great gifts.
Eye Cream from Missha:
Brightening Essence from Tony Moly:
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​3. Snack/Candy Kits
The holidays are times when friends and family get together to share food and exchange gifts. If you find that you’re out of options for gifts, head to the nearest supermarket that sells the Kracie Popin Cookin Sets. They come in many different kinds you can make, such as; donuts, hamburgers and sushi.

4. Nail Art and Supplies
These items are perfect for all the nail art lovers out there, however some may be harder to get last minute. You can get most of them at your local beauty supplies store or nail supply store. 

  • Gel Nail Polish (Include a UV lamp if it’s their first time using gel polish)
  • Nail Art Brushes
  • Shimmery clear coat polishes
  • Special Top coats (Mattifying, diamond shine etc.)
  • Nail Art chrome powder

In the end, if all of these gift ideas don’t seem like the person your giving them to. Try a prepaid card or good old fashioned money. Both can be used by the receiver to buy whatever they want.
Let me know of some of your Holiday Gift ideas in the comments below!


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