Skincare is that important layer that protects your skin from the harsh environment; wind, cold weather, UV rays etc. But there are some days when you just aren’t up to putting on your whole routine, so you want to tone it down to maybe 1-2 products, but which two? If any of that applies to you, read this blog post for some tips that may help!
I may have a steady skincare routine, but I’ll be honest, there are some days where I’m lazy and I just fall asleep without applying anything. This is only meant to be a gentle guide as to what you could skip, and what you should probably not skip out on.

1. Cleansing Water Is Your Friend


The right cleansing water can be your friend, if you wake up and are too lazy to wash your face, just pump some cleansing water on a cotton pad, wipe your face and then rinse. It doesn’t necessarily deep cleanse your skin, but it removes skincare, excess makeup, and dirt from your face. I would say (personal opinion) that it’s okay to skip this occasionally, but I wouldn’t recommend skipping this if you’ve come back home on a particularly windy day or have had makeup on.

2. Toner Is Also Your Friend

Try not to skip applying toner in the morning, because it’s a good layer to have against dust on your skin and etc. I don’t think skipping it at night (occasionally) will matter a lot, as long as you have a good cream or moisturizer on. Also a side note, for those with moisturizing type toners, depending on your skin type, you might be able to get away with using just toner throughout the night. However I wouldn’t recommend just toner for winter weather though, you’ll probably need all the moisture you can get.

3. Serums & Essences Are Somewhat Optional

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Before we get started, the general gist is that serums and essences are essentially the same in how they work (without getting into all the issues they address and etc). However with every new innovative product that comes out, the line gets blurred and some serums become lighter and some essences become thicker. So choosing to use serums over essences or vise versa will be one for you to make, based on what you would like to target.
Now that the general explanation is out of the way, I feel like both are optional steps when you’re having a lazy skincare day. On the other hand, if you’re already using serums/essences that addresses something like say; brightening, whitening, sebum control (oil control), etc. I would still use that product, just so you still get the effect you need and etc.
For example, during my study times before exams I tend to only use my sebum control serum/essence during those lazy skincare days.
And for those who have ampoules (which are essentially supercharged serums that have higher concentrations of those active ingredients) I don’t believe it’s bad if you skip 1-2 days but that’s what I’d say be the maximum.

4. Eye Cream Is Somewhat Optional

Eye cream is a somewhat controversial topic, because some people say that you don’t need it and some people swear by it and suggest that it’s the most important part of skincare. Personally, I would say it’s good to use eye creams and etc, but only those intended for you. Like if you’re younger than 25, maybe avoid anti-aging eye creams or you might build a resistance to it when you need it most.
If you don’t want to commit to using an eye cream every day, I think you could try using those hydrogel eye patches once a week or so. (Affiliate Link Below)

5. Moisturizer​ (A must)

Honestly, even if you skip all of the steps, I would still recommend that you use a moisturizer. But it’s not a step I would suggest you skip. If you find that even a moisturizer/cream feels heavy on your skin, try a sleeping pack/mask! I use them mainly during the hotter months because it’s super light but still moisturizes well (depending on the one you get).
Overall, out of the 5-6 general steps one might have in their skincare routine, for those participating in a lazy skincare routine you could probably shorten it to 1-3 products. Normally I have 7 items in my routine, but on a lazy skincare day I use 2-3 of them. Anyways I hope this helps you in trying to shorten your skincare routine, or at least in deciding whether something is optional to skip or not.


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