First off, I’d just like to clarify that The Ex is just a shortened version of saying the exhibition, not getting back together with an ex (I honestly don’t have any) for those who aren’t familiar with the fair that occurs every year in Toronto. **Just a heads up that this post was made before our trip, and that a second post will be made detailing what happened that day**
So…..The Canadian National Exhibition (or CNE for short) is, to sum it all up, a giant fair that occurs every year for the last two weeks of August. This year the CNE will be open from August 18th to September 4th this year and will draw hundreds of thousands of people to the grounds for craft beer fest, food truck frenzy and classic rides and midway games. Normally I wouldn’t attend due to the fact that I don’t normally enjoy theme park type of rides, but up until last year, I’ve been reminded of how fun it was just to go there and try the food as well as seeking what the vendors were selling.

This year I’ll be heading to The Ex with a group of friends, and while they’re making good use of their ride all day passes I’ll be filming for my channel as well as trying out the food they have to offer. Now the CNE’s ticket prices may be a little pricey for those buying general admission if I remember correctly it was $18 last year and $19 this year (for those paying at the gate). However, if you were lucky enough to have bought those advanced tickets online or in some supermarkets they were $14 last year and $15 this year. The ride all day pass (which I believe includes admission to The Ex) is $40 for the advance tickets, and $42 plus admission (I’m not exactly sure if this means adding an extra $19 to that price or if they were just clarifying that it includes admission…..).

With those prices in mind, many seek out the advance tickets and those in store sell out rather quickly. If you choose to buy online there is a $1.99 processing fee that applies to each online ticket order. For more information click here:

What is there to do at the CNE other than go on the rides? Well, there is the craft beer fest for those of you who are at the legal drinking age (I believe the craft beer fest is now being held at Ontario Place), and there is a lot of food available to try all over the grounds. I have yet to have an idea of what food will be available there or what the vendors will be selling, however, I have some high expectations after visiting the Ex last year. I will be back as soon as possible with a little recap of what went down the day we went to the CNE.

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