To be honest, I wanted to get this out before September because I technically don’t game or etc during the times I have classes. The only times I actually do anything along those lines is during week-long breaks, like Christmas break, spring break and etc. So this is a little later, but oh well LOL.

Overall, these are events/times that I’m anticipating. I hope you’ll come to anticipate one or more of them, or find something interesting that might draw you in enough to attend.


Usually some people look forward to Oktoberfest  (despite it usually starting in late September) because it’s essentially a festival-type event where  A LOT of alcohol consumption occurs LOL. I’m not legal drinking age in Ontario, so of course this isn’t what I’m looking forward to. It’s rather funny but I’m looking forward to Halloween, more specifically whether or not if my college has any events during that time.
Halloween’s always been about the cool/cold atmosphere and just being able to wonder around at night and get candy, though as I got older my parents just offered to buy the candy. But I’ll probably always look forward to it nonetheless.


I like to call this event the “Indoor CNE” because it’s similar (there are stalls and various booths set up inside of the Enercare Centre) but it’s also not, because you’ll get to see  a lot more agricultural stuff. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m mentioning the Royal Winter Fair, this year it occurs November 1st-10th and I cannot be more excited.
The next thing for November is that the St. Lawrence Market turns into a night market on November 14th. I like visiting night markets and the like, so if I get the opportunity (meaning if I’m free) I’ll probably go. It’s weird because the St. Lawrence Market has been such a prominent fixture in Toronto for years, but I’ve yet to visit it.


According to BlogTO, the Christmas Market at the Distillery District is back again this year! I had a lot of fun last year so I’m also looking forward to this year, though I’ll be sure to wear a thicker jacket. The market runs from November 14th – December 22nd, with the exception of Monday’s where they’re closed. Admission to the market is free on weekdays until 5pm on Fridays, after which there will be a $6 fee to get in.


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With the exception of Christmas, I’m also looking forward to the days after it. More specifically, Boxing Day! If you pay attention to the sales, and arrive early enough, you may be able to snag some great deals. I got my laptop during this time, despite it being supposedly sold out in stores and online. The store I visited ended up having 2 more in the back.
If you’re in your last year of High School, this is the perfect time to buy that laptop or tablet or desktop for College/University.


Undisclosed Dates:

During this time, there are also some events that occur that don’t seem to have fixed dates yet but over the course of 2-3 years, have always seemed to fall around this time. The Face Shop (now rebranded as Nature Collection, I believe) has had warehouse sales the past two years between September-November. I’m not sure if they’re going to have another but it’s good to keep an eye out, the warehouse sales are a great time to stock up or grab favourites at a low price or before it’s discontinued.
It’d around late September, when Yesstyle releases their advent calendar. I’ve seen a glimpse of it online and I’m excited to see what’s inside it, however, like the past years it’s very unlikely that I’ll be getting it. The price is near $190 CAD, so it’s a hefty amount of change you need to spend for it. I’m sure it is worth the price or it’s balanced out with the products available inside. But my main concern right now is College expenses, so maybe in the future.
Last December, KOTRA Omni had a warehouse sale inside one of Sheraton’s events rooms and I ended up getting a lot of stuff that were from brands I’ve never heard of and some that I could find elsewhere. As with most warehouse sale situations, I cannot say for sure if it’ll happen again but it’s a great time to attend if you know it will pop up again.
So going away from the topic of Beauty and other general outdoor events. I’m eagerly anticipating the release of a new update for the game Stardew Valley, which will allow players to have working fish ponds. If I’m not mistaken, I feel like something similar was implemented in one of the Harvest Moon games, but I can’t say for sure. I have clocked over 140hrs playing Stardew Valley, and I’m pretty sure this new update will add another 50hrs minimum.



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