When I first started blogging almost two years ago, I had run a smaller “media” blog. However it was hard to keep making great blog posts for both blogs and I eventually closed down the other one. Doing that wasn’t necessarily  hard, but I found that I did miss talking about some of those things. Which brings us here today, I’ve  decided to experiment a little and bring it back to this blog, underneath the title “Lifestyle”.
Now, “Lifestyle” and related things are very broad which kind of works out, I can assume it will be a place for hidden gems of blog posts to be discovered without compromising my usual (and rather loved) topics. I’d also like to point out that some topics may overlap with other tags, so stay on the lookout for a topic you might like to read about!
Moving on, lets get to what you’re probably here for; Games.
In my spare (and sometimes now to spare) time I tend to do anything from reading and binge watch YouTube videos, to playing random and interesting games. It’s been my go-to schedule since I remember, though I will say I spend more time doing productive work than wasting time now.
I don’t get to play a lot of games on my phone or iPad a lot because I’m the kind of person that might get bored of a game easily, but there are some games that I’ve always been able to focus on, and years later I’m still playing them. These games are all varied by the way, so they aren’t from just one category.

Voltage/Love 365

I was introduced to  voltage games by a friend in middle school and like most, I was hooked. It’s essentially the same as the newer ones (choices, episode, etc.), but I guess the main difference is that the stories are typically set in Japan, and you pay for the each story. I’ve tried the others on the market when they came out because paying for each and every story was a hit on the bank account, but it just wasn’t really the same in my opinion.
I felt that it was harder to immerse myself in some of those stories so I ended up giving it up after a while. For voltage, they used to have individual apps for individual stories but I lost a lot of my stories because they moved them all to one app, deleted all the other apps and I didn’t know until halfway through. Managed to save the favourites though, so yeah. I’ve been playing it on and off for the better part of about 5-6 years maybe.
Their graphics are very nice and look as if it’s come out from Anime/manga, and there’s also music to go along with each story that kind of sets how it’s going to go. My favourite/must try titles are; Her Love In The Force, Star Crossed Myth, Kings of Paradise, Our Two Bedroom Story and After School Affairs. Though to be honest, I really like the vast majority of their titles.

Big Fish Games; Mystery/puzzles

Like the voltage games, I was absolutely obsessed with these type of games for the better part of like 5-6 years. They have a lot of games to choose from and unlike those choose your own ending types, this has one set ending (I believe) but a bunch of puzzles and hidden stuff you need to complete. My mom loved to say that she didn’t mind buying these games because it was essentially a brain exercise.
The graphics seemed a lot more influenced based on the story line and the country/place it is based at.  And the sounds and ambiance and the like tied together very well. My favourites from this company especially were the wolf/werewolf stories, Vampire Saga; Welcome to Hell Lock, and the Red Riding Hood Sisters; Dark Parables.

Shall we date?

I find that this is a more Japanese-influenced line of titles when compared to Voltage’s titles, and they run like episode does. It’s free, and you can pay to read forward or you can wait however long until the next chapter…etc. Tip: The titles on the app store or etc. with a pink border are free, the ones with a white/pink border you’ll probably need to pay for.  They are individual apps and it’s pretty straightforward from there, they also will have mini games to dress up your character to move on and etc.
The graphics/visuals are amazing and are similar but also different from Voltage’s. My favourites/recommended are; Ninja Shadow, Wizardess Heart, Destiny Ninja 2 and Lost Island.

I have played other apps that are similar to these three in the past, when those specific apps just got onto the market/was fairly new. But I just couldn’t really get into it, I’d play for a little then I’d lose interest. I’m not saying they’re awful, but it wasn’t really for me. On that note, not all of the lines of games I mentioned are good for other people too. Maybe check out Episode, choices and the like and check out the Voltage USA version of Love 365, and see if those work for you.

Now moving on from those “your choice” type games,  I’ve also tried those “other life” games like Kim Kardashian Hollywood, Stardom and etc. I loved them for the longest time, but I couldn’t always be there to complete the task before the time limit, and then I eventually stopped playing them. I still have the save data somewhere though, just waiting for the right time.
Right now the 2-3 games I’m enjoying apart from those I talked about earlier are; Digimon Links (what a throwback!), Evertale, and Last Day on Earth: Survival. They all have their charms and they don’t exactly cause my old-ish phone to heart up dramatically, however I do recommend playing Evertale on an ipad or device with a larger screen to get the full effect.
Digimon links can probably be best played on an ipad too, however I prefer to use the phone so you can manage everything on the go. Last day on earth is a slightly unforgiving game, the first few days for your character is harrowing, especially if you can’t get water. I’m pretty sure it gets increasingly harder too, but I think a bit has changed since I last played. I would still recommend all of them however.
I also play some casual games on my laptop, but I think it’s best to be left for another article. Anyways, I hope that you like or will anticipate further topics and etc. from this new tag. If there’s something you want to see more of, feel free to reach out to me via social media or the contact me page.



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