Now for those who know, or may not know, I’m a big reader. I can read anything from Young Adult (YA Novels), to Romance to Paranormal (not including ghosts) and most recently, Thriller/Suspense novels. Since I started high school, I would just find some random free books on the ibooks store and then read them. But as I saw some videos about how many great scenes from the Jurassic Park novel was omitted in the movies, I only realized how much I was missing by only having seen the movie. Thus, the start of my journey of re-discovering the joys of reading, and starting thriller/suspense novels.
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Background: I saw Jurassic Park on and off as a kid whenever it was on TV back when we still had main channels, even though the first movie was out about 6-7 years before I was born. I think I was like 12 or so, when I found out that it was a book-to-movie adaption, but due to my age I thought it was best to maybe wait for a while before launching into it. Which is kind of hilarious considering that at 12, I had started to read the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead which is recommended for 16 year olds. 
Fast forward to grade 9, the start of when I started reading the free books in the ibooks store and going from someone who buys physical books frequently to someone who opts for free eBooks. This continues until just last month, when I made my first ebook purchase again. Essentially, for nearly 4 years I read books that were great, but weren’t necessarily ebooks where you’d buy the whole series (or I’m super picky, either or LOL).
My first purchase that was a half-step in this direction is   Anger is A Gift  by Mark Oshiro, which is also the book I’m reading for my Gr. 12 University English class. I must say, if you are looking for something that touches on current society problems and etc, this is great. Prepare some tissues though, because by the end of the novel I was flat out bawling my eyes out.
My second and third purchases were Meg: A Novel of Deep Horror by Steve Alten, and Devour by Kurt Anderson. I remember watching The Meg in theaters when it came out, so I was really looking forward to diving into this novel. It was also right up my alley because I typically love creature feature movies/novels, and I’m hooked. Devour is also a great book, but I found that I had some moments where I wanted to scream in frustration from the character’s actions. I recommend both books though.
My next purchase was a single ebook called Just Add Water by Hunter Shea. This novel gave me such nostalgia because they reminded me of the beloved R.L. Stine novels from my childhood, but a bit more graphic and descriptive about the death scenes. I’ll be honest, I was very hesitant about the novel before I bought it because I didn’t know for sure if it would be awful or not. I don’t really let reviews make the decision for me when buying a novel/ebook, but the preview was very interesting so I took the plunge.

However, I know that there will be some that won’t like this novel due to it’s writing style so I suggest  that you read a preview before purchasing.

I hope that you’re able to find some new reading material from this blog post! I have a few other novels I had read but I’m afraid that if I put them here it’ll make this post a little too long.


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