I feel like I’m really late to the bandwagon with Lush products, because for the longest time I’d always walk into the stores and smell their stuff but I’d leave not being able to buy anything. Because I knew that if I did buy anything, I’d face the wrath of an angry mother lol. But then came their BOGO sales and I just couldn’t resist picking up some stuff.
I ended up getting 4 items in total, two were boxed gift sets and two were bath bombs. I tried to avoid getting a black bath bomb because if it stains the side of my old tub grey, my mom will kill me lol. But the store I visited had a somewhat limited amount of bath bombs that I liked so I did end up getting a black bath bomb anyways.
I had high hopes for the shower gel, because I kind of had a thought that it would be fairly similar to the bath bombs. However,  the shower gel was kind of drying…(?) because my skin felt oddly weird afterwards, but I guess it was meant to be used with the lotion afterwards because after applying the lotion my skin felt fine. Personally I’d only really use this if I’m showering before I go out somewhere, because although I love the scent, it seems a bit much if I end up staying home.
The scent of the sleepy set is this wonderful yet soft lavender scent, reminds me of a baby product actually, but really soothing. I also noticed that the lotion has little glittery bits inside, which kind if reaffirms my choice/recommendation to use this before going out. The colour of the shower gel was a very grey purple colour as opposed to the lavender colour of the lotion, I’m not sure if it’s meant to be this way or the same colour, but I’m not that worried about that.

I believe the price of the product was  $14.95 CAD, so if you bought the set alone it would be $16.90 CAD after taxes. I find it a little pricey (my opinion about most lush products is that it’s on the pricey side) but worth it, that is if you know you’re going to love the scent/products. If you are going to be getting the Sleepy set/products for the first time, I would recommend going into the store to smell/possibly test it first.


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