Now the brand Mediheal, in my opinion, is more well known for their Warming Eye Mask collab with Line Friends. However I found out back in October or so, that they had a layering ampoule-type product that was hitting stores, the first place I spotted this was in my local Galleria supermarket. And then back in December, I managed to get two types when they were on sale at a local-ish store. Here’s my review.

The layering ampoule has three types available, the Hydra Shot for moisture/tone care (blue box and vials), the Exceltoning Shot for soothing/moisturizing (aqua box and vials) and finally the Poreminor Shot for pore tightening (purple box and vials). I ended up getting the Exceltoning Shot and the Hydra Shot, but I didn’t see the Poreminor Shot at either store.
Personally, I didn’t even know about the third type until I sat down to start looking into the product a bit so I was surprised lol. One box has 3 vials, and each vial has 3mL of product. The original cost for one was either $17.99 or $11.99, I can’t remember which because I was looking into another product at the time as well. However, there was a big sale at a store inside of Pacific Mall and I got the boxes for $5 each (or 2 for $5 I can’t remember anymore, sorry).
mediheal ampoule 

I’m not gonna lie, but I had a heck of a time trying to see how to use the ampoules. The majority of the instructions are in Korean, and the translator camera thing wasn’t really working. From what I can tell, you use it by dispensing 2-3 drops onto your face, patting it in and then repeating those steps again 3 times.
I originally felt like it was a waste of product, but after applying the first round I understood why. One layer was not enough moisture, and building it up to 2 layers was better despite the slightly watery-syrup consistency. So far I’ve only tried Exceltoning Shot, but I’m fairly sure that Hydra Shot has similar properties so I might not end up doing a review on that. 
**Note, the product does have a bit of fragrance to it. Not quite sure how to describe it..**

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At the end of the day, I’m probably not going to get this again. There are a lot more things that I’d like to try, and I think it’s going to be hard to find another store that carries this (it’s not on Yesstyle btw). However, I think it might be a neat little addition to someone’s skincare collection/routine if they’re new to ampoules/serums. Let me know what you think about the layering ampoule in the comments below!
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