Originally, I saw a similar product to this and was following it for a while (it’s from the brand Kao and can be found on Yesstyle) before I spotted this in a Miniso store. I was skeptical about the whole steaming/warming eye masks because my left eye is a little dryer than most, and I was worried that it would make it worse or something. I bought it about a week after I bought the Mediheal face mask, but for the life of me, I can’t remember the price. Let’s just see how it worked, shall we?

If I’m not mistaken, there are 3 different types/scents; the bear (Brown) is unscented, the rabbit (Cony) is lavender, and the chick (Sally) is a citrus scent. I was originally going to try the unscented one but it wasn’t available, so I went for the next best thing; citrus.
You probably all know by now, but I have a soft spot for any time of citrus scent/perfume. So I usually reach for those scents first.
I was planing to use this back in June during exam time, but my window of opportunity closed. I ended up using this after my first full week of College, to take advantage of the supposed effects of the mask. All I have to say, is that I like it. The mask took a good amount of time to warm up, but it was fairly warm (not at an unsafe level)  after 20mins.
The mask is supposed to relieve eye stress, fatigue and puffiness while stimulating the eye area to increase blood circulation, therefore also minimizing wrinkles. The mask is activated by the air, so I’m pretty sure that you won’t be able to use it more than once. It fully blocks out the light and has this soft cotton material on the side you place onto your eyes, so it’s fairly comfortable.
The mask also has little ear bands made from the same cotton material, so I think you don’t necessarily have to use it lying down. I wouldn’t recommend trying to do much with it on, but you could also sit up, lie on your side or something like that.
It was very easy to forget that I was using a mask at all and 20 minutes passed by fairly quickly, so I kind of understand why some people bought 2-3 at a time. If I could find a boxed set of this specific warming eye mask, or the one from Kao, I’m very likely to buy it.

Yesstyle doesn’t have the eye steaming masks in stock, but they do have the sheet masks. I previously found the eye steaming masks on another site that I don’t remember the name to, but it retailed at $2 CAD each.
Overall, I think it was worth the buy and also worth the investment of buying a box of these. I forgot to look out to see if there were any differences to my eye area, but I’ll update about it in the future when/if I get another.


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