It is December 21st and you have about 3-4 days until Christmas, some of you may have been prepared and have gotten all of your gift shopping done on time, however maybe you haven’t got the time to begin or are just looking for that last perfect item. Well, here’s a last minute gift guide to possibly help you out!

1. Phone Cases


If you know what model of phone your gift recipient has, you could get them a phone case (plus or minus accessories).  If the gift recipient likes to follow trendy phone cases, I would suggest grabbing a solid colour matte or semi matte case, or a tempered glass phone case (only the back is tempered glass). The tempered glass phone cases are slightly more delicate than the others out on the market, however they offer a more luxurious look which makes them great for parties and etc.
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2. Wireless Charging Pad

Getting a wireless charging pad for your person who is always on the go is a great idea (also great for students!). It makes it convenient to quickly place and charge your phone and then pick it up and go without having to plug and un-plug the   lightning chord or etc. Not to mention that there are some pretty fancy ones out on the market that is a great addition to any table as a functional display. Though I would suggest double-checking that their specific phone model supports wireless charging first.

3. Face Mists

A face mist is perfect for those who don’t have time to put on moisturizer, so they could just spray some and go. Some offer hydrating benefits, anti-aging benefits and etc. to suit your need. They could range anywhere from $15-$45 depending on the brand/benefit.  The one I currently have is that Sleek Bunny Face Mist from Tony Moly which controls sebum and slightly hydrates your face.
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4. Mini Polaroid Photo Printer

Now you may be thinking that getting a fujifilm instax camera would be cheaper (well yeah price wise) but personally if I could choose from between the camera or the printer, I’d opt for the printer. You can choose what pictures to print instead of snapping a picture and then having it printed. Both options are compact (kind of) so either one would work, it would depend on preference.

5. Nutribullet/Magic Bullet


This is probably one of the best possible products for someone who loves smoothies or is missing some sort of blender/blending device in their life, the other best possible product are frozen smoothie subscription boxes but I’ll leave that decision up to you.
*Image from Nutriliving site*

6. Computer Games

If you are truly in a bind, try asking the gift recipient if they have a steam or origin account. You could gift them a game or two as a Christmas gift if they’re one of your friends on the platform, what’s also good is that you could see games they’ve added to their wish list so the perfect gift is just one click away. Of course you could always buy the physical copy of the game for them as well, but double check that their laptop/desktop has a disc drive.
Some of my suggestions: Dead by Daylight, The Sims 4, Overcooked 2, Harvest Moon; Light of Hope, Slime Rancher, Dying Light and Stardew Valley.

7. Jewelry

You can never go wrong with giving someone Jewelry as gifts, though for safety, avoid any piercings unless you know for sure what they are/aren’t allergic to. Infections are not the way to go this Christmas/Holiday. Choose either trendy or timeless/classic watches, rings, bracelets or necklaces for general gifts and perhaps find a personalized one if you want to level up your gift giving.
Broad suggestions:
Lokai bracelets, Pandora charms/bracelets/etc, Alex and Ani products, etc.

8. Wireless Headphones/Headphones

If not one of the other options mentioned could possibly work as a gift, you can always fall back onto headphones (go wireless for less hassle if you want!).  You can get SkullCandy ones, Beats by Dr. Dre, Apple Airpods, etc. Personally I would recommend either one of the last two because they have yet to fail me when I’ve needed them most, but keep in mind if your gift recipient has a favorite brand/preference.
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New Apple AirPods with iPhone 7
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I hope this has helped you with your last minute gift shopping, but if not (because this is a broad range of possible gifts) I have a few most lists of possible gift ideas coming soon (I promise!). If this has helped you, or you think this could help someone, please share! And I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Holiday!


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