I got the Missha Artemisia Essence a pretty long time ago during one of my hauls from Pink n Blossom, I think it was just last year? Either way, Artemisia had been gaining a lot of popularity last year and I felt that it would be a good idea to try an Artemisia Essence. Here’s my little review on this rather pricey product!

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First off, I did buy this product myself but during a sale. Had it not been for that sale, I likely would not have gotten it because that price range is a little high for my regular budget. The Artemisia Essence from the K-Beauty brand Missha will retail around $61.99 CAD for a 150mL bottle. Rather expensive isn’t it?

However, it’s not an uncommon price range. Other brands like Vely Vely and I’m From have similar artemisia essences priced at $40-$43 USD (about $53 CAD), but they aren’t so regularly available through retailers in Canada it seems. Either way, as much as I love the essence itself, I will start off by saying it’s not necessary and it’s not really budget-friendly.

Let’s get onto the review.

Missha's Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence

First off, the packaging is very simple, kind of a green to dark green ombre thing going on. The bottle itself is a glass bottle and kind of oval in shape, I was worried when I first opened it up though. I kept worrying about accidentally knocking over the tall bottle one day and it just shattering all over the floor.

However that hasn’t happened, yet. When I first opened the essence they had a cute little stopper at the top too, wish I took pictures but it’s worth noting. The essence itself is watery with a light amount of viscosity, you likely won’t see a difference by moving it around in the bottle, but you’ll feel a difference when you apply it to your face.

Missha Artemisia Essence Bottle

The essence is advertised to soothe irritated skin and also has moisturizing properties. What’s more, the Artemisia essence by Missha only contains 100% Artemisia, so it’s just that one ingredient that’s doing all that work. I was a little skeptical at first, but I’m not one to really balk at oriental herbal remedy stuff. There’s always a little bit of truth (in the very least) to some of those.

In the year that I’ve been using this essence, I did notice less frequent breakouts. I have oily-normal combination skin and sometimes I just get breakouts like no other around my skin or forehead, but it was a lot less frequent the past year since using this. It did take a little while to get here so don’t expect results right away, I think it took close to 3 months when I started noticing less breakouts.

And it took almost one year to get to the point where my breakouts only come out as one pimple a month or less, but I’m not a person that gets them frequently either, only when I’m stressed/with other factors. I also didn’t notice a scent to the product, which is a plus. I don’t think I could’ve used it if it had a super-strong herbal scent.

The essence integrated well into my skincare routine with no trouble, and you can check out my ‘Routines’ tag to see which products I’ve used with it. I didn’t get any purging reactions to the essence nor did I get any irritation, and I would’ve been surprised if I did.

At the end of the day, I really liked this essence and it’s going to be hard to find something that lives up to it in the future.

Overall though, I would absolutely get this again if it was on sale. But as a college student on minimum wage, I cannot just spend ~$63 on one product no matter how great. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with a set budget, but I will recommend saving for it if you really want to try it out. I’m pretty sure BamBeau sells smaller sizes of this essence that’s likely more affordable.

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MISSHA – Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence 150ml
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