Missha is one of the common K-Beauty brands that can be easily found in Canada, and they also have a Canadian-based online store too! With that being said, I don’t know why I was so surprised to learn that they also had a body lotion line available. I honestly didn’t even know that their Fromganic line existed. Let’s give it a try!

I actually ended up getting two different Fromganic lotion scents, but also from two different places. I got Bright-C which is this citrusy-scent online, but I forgot where. I also got this in the scent Green Shower at a local store before the last lockdown in Toronto.

The Fromganic body fluid/lotions in Bright-C and Green Shower from the brand Missha.

The bottles of the body fluid is very slim, but also pretty tall. The bottle itself is coloured to indicate which type they are (there’s yellow, green and red), and the lotion inside is not coloured. I couldn’t tell if I was disappointed or not that the lotion wasn’t coloured, but I would probably freak out if it stained my skin.

Fromganic body fluid/lotion in Bright-C from the brand Missha

The Bright-C scent is very much a citrus explosion, and according to the label, there are 5 main ingredients that make up the scent; Lemon, Yuja, Apple, Mango, Pineapple and Apricot. The Green Shower scent smells strongly of grape and reminds me of those grape-scented markers and pens you can win at an arcade/midway. The 5 main ingredients that make up the scent are; Green Grape, Kiwi, Broccoli, Papaya and Cucumber.

Fromganic body fluid/lotion in Green Shower, from the brand Missha

There is also a third scent available that I didn’t get called Super Red, made with; Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Beet and Apple. I’m going to assume that it’s going to smell super sweet and fruity because of most of those notes, but I can’t confirm it.

The lotion/body fluid is more like a watery cream, and it’s super easy to apply and spread onto the skin. It’s a great product for the summer because it’s light and sinks into the skin quickly. There’s an initial tackiness but it’s very light and will go away quickly.

However, the smell of the lotion lingers on for a bit. I’m going to assume for around 6-8 hours because it is mostly gone by the time I get up in the morning if I apply it after a shower the night before. The pricing of the lotion seems to range wildly between $6-$12 CAD depending on where you get it, I think I got both of mine at around $8 each. There’s about 300mL inside a bottle.

I don’t buy lotion enough to know if this is expensive for Korean brands, but based on the longevity of the scent, how light and fast it sinks in, and the volume, I would say it’s worth it if you can manage to get it on sale. My only “meh” opinion would be the bottle itself because of how tall and thin it is, I constantly knock it over and it’s always stored on its side because it can’t fit on any of my shelves lol.

But other than that, it’s still a great lotion to use in the summer. I highly recommend getting it if you’re a fan of Bath and Bodyworks and looking to try something new, or if you currently don’t have a go-to lotion yet. However, if you have your own favourites/go-to’s, stick with that and wait for a sale.

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