Hi all! It’s that time of the year again, where we scramble (or not) to get our mothers/mother figures gifts for their special day. I had my gifts prepared ahead of time this year, but I did go shop around so here are some ideas/promotions you should take advantage of.
This year I had gone to a Sheseido warehouse sale in Richmond Hill and gotten my mom some stuff beforehand, so it’s not likely for me to get her much else since she doesn’t really need anything. But here’s something to help those who haven’t shopped yet. P.S this post may contain affiliate links, more about this here.

1) Her Favourite B&BW Products

If you know her favourite Bath and Body Works products, go for it. From what I know right now, they have a promo for 6 for $35 (or 3 for $25 I believe) bodycare (not including the body shimmer mists, or the body scrubs I believe) and they also have this scratch promo that nets you $10 off $30, $15 off $40 and etc. I bought the 6 product promo, and with the $10 off $30 total came down to $28.25 so not bad!
Scents to buy if you’re unsure (please check that your store has them too!): White Citrus, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Lovely Dreamer, Gingham, A Thousand Wishes, Forever Red, French Lavender & Honey, and Endless Weekend.

2) High End Skincare

This section would actually depend on your price range for getting your gifts, because it’s very easy to overdo it with buying skincare products. My suggestion is to get a $100 set from the store (i.e The Face Shop, O Hui, etc.) because it will contain everything from toner to face cream. If that’s a little too much to spend, try going for TFS’s eye creams. They’re the best starter products in my opinion, and eye creams in general have a wider range of prices to suit your needs.
Recommendations: JayJun Hydrogel Eye Patches, Milkydress Wrinkle & Whistening Eye Cream, O Hui Age Recovery Eye Cream, Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Regenerating Eye Cream, Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Eye Cream and Belif Peat Miracle Eye Cream.

3) Phone Accessory

Taking the chance that your mom may have a phone (because some don’t), get her a phone accessory that reminds her that you love her every time she picks it up! It can be a phone case with a heart on it, a custom phone case with a picture of you together or etc.
Personally, I think the best is to find a dangly heart dust plug for her. It adds a nice touch to phones, is removable so they won’t be in the way and there should be many designs out there.

4) Mani Session

If your mom is free on Mother’s Day, treat her to a manicure session maybe? Or you can give her a “coupon” where she could redeem a free manicure session on you. Then you could go out and get some pictures taken for memories, for an even better memory, have a heart done on your right ring finger nail.
I personally find that my mom tends to look at her right hand occasionally to check on her jade bracelet, so if she sees the heart it’ll be a cute reminder.

5) A Dozen Roses

If you’re truly in a time crunch, or are looking for a small last item to give your mom or mother figure, you cannot go wrong with flowers. That is unless there’s an allergy involved, then plastic roses are the next best thing and last forever (figuratively). I remember reading a really long time ago, that a dozen red roses were meant to symbolize love but then again a lot of things symbolize love as well lol.
Other gifts: macarons, Starbucks drink (fave), something they’ve wanted but never bought, an order of soufflé (jiggly) pancakes, a surprise road trip, a bag they want or a free salon visit.

While my mom knows I have a blog, I know she doesn’t remember the URL so I’m not really afraid to put my Mother’s Day plans out there. I plan on getting my mom one of those new drinks from Starbucks because she will never really buy a drink for herself, but she appreciates being able to try whatever drink I buy. So on her day, I treat her to a new drink each time. Then I’ll hand her the gifts that I got her, and just spend the day with her.
What are your plans for Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments!


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