So my previous gift list was rather long, and I decided to do another list that’s the extended version of the one I previously posted on May 2nd. There’s a lot more you can get for your mom on this list too, so the possibilities are endless!





First up to mention is Oh Snap! Cookie Co.  I only found out about them recently which is a shame because both my mother and I have a major weakness for cookies. They do pick-ups in two locations and also offer delivery within a certain zone. And prices for their cookies range from $12-$15 per half dozen cookies, with many different ones to choose from.
You’ll order by DM-ing them on IG, or through their google form which you can find on their profile.
My mom personally doesn’t like sushi as much as my dad and I do, but she has a small love for great sushi rolls. We personally get our sushi at Kin Sushi, it’s uptown and close to our neighbourhood and also more affordable than other places nearby.



Another good sushi place would be Tachi, which is a part of Chef’s Assembly Hall downtown. I haven’t tried out their sushi before, however I do hear great things about them. They have a few Mother’s Day specials/boxes so they are worth looking into if your mom loves sushi!
Last entry for food is Nani’s Gelato! Like with Tachi, I haven’t been able to try any of their stuff yet, but the rest of Toronto seems to be a fan of them! You can buy scooped gelato or get them in pints. My mom seems to be a fan of all things ice cream and gelato, so it would be nice to bring her there one day. We live too far to be lugging gelato back home though.


Skincare (again!)

A great skincare item to give mom would also be the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water. Growing up, Ginseng has always been put on a pedestal of being good for you health wise,  and can give you good skin. I think skincare-loving moms will really appreciate getting this! Most small skincare businesses in Toronto likely has this for sale!
Last but not least is Innisfree’s Black Tea Youth Enhancing Serum. When I first started in skincare, I was told that black tea has anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties. So when Innisfree came out with a Black Tea line, I was so excited! The price of it is a little steep for how much you get, however there is a sale going on.
If you’re out of the loop, Innisfree has announced that they will be closing all their stores as of May 8th. Their Markville Mall and Eaton Centre Malls have already closed their doors, but Yorkdale and STC stores are still available to place curbside pickup orders from.
If you are going to call and place an order though, there are extremely high call volumes. I called around 1:30 today and couldn’t get through, and since making a phone order is the only option, you will have to keep calling. I saw online that there was one lady who was 310 calls in but still couldn’t get through, I finally did get through after 77.
The process afterwards is a little unclear though, you’re essentially placing an order for a potential pickup next week. And will receive an email about it to arrange a time and date.
Either way, it’s still sad to see a skincare company shut it’s doors. Canada unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of brand stores for skincare, but some do have an online presence like Tony Moly and Missha. There used to be an ‘It’s Skin’ and ‘Holika Holika’ inside of Pacific Mall but they closed long ago. So hopefully one day in the future, those stores could come back. (Or some small businesses start carrying their products lol)




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