I don’t know about you, but to my surprise, Mother’s Day is coming up really fast and I don’t even have an idea what to do this year. For reference, Mother’s Day in 2023 is May 14th which happens to fall on a Sunday this year. So despite me not knowing what I’m gonna do/plan this year, I’m here to spark some ideas for you!

Personally, I’m usually a little more prepared for Mother’s Day or at the very least, I have an idea of what I want to get for my mom. Sometimes it’s an event we check out or something simple like dinner. Though this year may be a little different in a variety of ways, I’m working a summer job so my availability is a little bit in the wind (for reasons). Secondly, my mom is working a little more hours than normal some weeks so it’ll be a little tough coordinating our schedules this year.

Bath & Body Works

Bath and Body Works is a great place to get a gift for Mother’s Day, they do have sets of bath products in popular scents that you can get for your mom and they’re all within $40 or so. My mom loves the purple Gingham scent (I forgot the name) so I may end up gifting that to her. My personal favourite scent at Bath and Body Works at the moment is Gingham Fresh which is the green gingham.


There are usually a ton of events around Toronto, but I surprisingly didn’t hear of any this year! Usually, there’s a women’s show within a few weeks of Mother’s Day but I haven’t heard about it this year, so I’m thinking I missed it. However other things such as the Trinity Bellwoods Artisan market will open Mother’s Day weekend, and the Toronto Flower Market should also be available too.

I know that there’s also a Blue Jays game going on Mother’s Day, so if your mom is a sports fan or a first-time fan, that might be a fun idea. I’ve tossed around the idea of taking my mom to a sports game since I enjoy those, but I’m not 100% sure if she’ll have fun or understand so we’ll see.

Brunch/High Tea

So Brunch and High Tea are very popular options for Mother’s Day and it’s on my bucket list to try that out with my mom one day. I don’t currently have a specific high tea or brunch restaurant to recommend at the moment, but one restaurant that I would recommend trying out is Nami! We visited Nami during Winterlicious and my mom loved the restaurant so I suppose it’s mom approved!

Last Minute/Late Gifts

Sometimes you forget, it happens or things don’t work out. But last-minute or late gifts would still be fine, as mentioned before there are a lot of markets that start opening for the season this Sunday so I would probably look there. Grab some flowers on mother’s day, maybe a cake or get last minute tickets to a game or theme park if you choose.

If you’re into skincare, or your mom is into skincare, then I would look at Skin.TO’s page on Instagram for some ideas. I also have a whole list of possible retailers here to grab some last-minute skincare gifts and things, though they likely won’t arrive in time for Mother’s Day. I would also recommend checking out Oomomo, or Pacific Mall too.

This is all for this year, I genuinely wished I had more but between summer courses and work I’ve been very offline for the most part.


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