Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, for example your new skirt rips just as you leave the school, or you stay back for something and the weather suddenly just decides to rain. We can’t predict what will happen, but why not have an emergency kit to prepare for the worst? Here are some ideas of what you would need in this kit.
Anything can happen when you least expect it to, but don’t let that ruin your day! Have this “You Never Know” or “Emergency” kit prepared in your bag and move on rather than stay and panick. All you need is a big enough pouch and a few things…
First item: Poncho
Weather is unpredictable, one minute it can be a perfect sunny day and the next it can be thunder storming. I was caught in the middle of a thunderstorm myself, without an umbrella. It made for a sad and soggy run from the bus stop to where I live. With a poncho in the emergency kit, you’ll always be prepared to not have to face a run in the rain!
Second item: Safety Pins
We all like to wear what makes us comfortable and confident, however wardrobe malfunctions happen too easily. For example, your new skirt decides to rip a little at the seams, and it isn’t an unnoticeable rip either. . . You could, walk around with your hand over the rip or… pin the edges back together with safety pins! They make a perfect temporary solution until you can gain access to a tailor or sewing kit.
Third item: Power Bank
Most if not all of us are pretty attached to our phones, are when that battery percentage falls to around 20% we start to panic a little. Charging stations are available in most places but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fairly full, even the odd outlet or two in the malls would be in use. Why not carry a power bank? Most of us already do have or carry one around already, they’re compact (in most cases), convenient and very useful! It doesn’t hurt that they come in different designs or styles too.
Fourth item: Hair Ties
Hair ties are annoying to bring sometimes, if you place it around your wrist it could end up leaving a hair tie sized indent or cut off circulation. Other times they tangle up with other things in your purse or bag, like charging chords or earphones. You can keep them in order by using a Snap Clip! They’re easy to use and fairly easy to come by.
Fifth item: cleansing wipes or face mist
Summer heat causes most people to break out with sweat, and having a sweaty face isn’t fun. For those who wear makeup, carry around a face mist to refresh your face and makeup. For those who don’t wear makeup, carry around cleansing wipes to wipe away the sweat while leaving your face refreshed.
Sixth item: Breath mints or gum
Last minute things are always a possibility, whether it be a date or a short meeting. If you’re that type of person that really wants to be prepared for anything, throw in a pack of gum or breath mints into this emergency kit. So in the case of a sudden date (or etc.) you’ll be heading off with minty fresh breath.

This is it for what you’ll need in the emergency kit for school, however feel free to modify what you put in it. Did you decide to put together a similar kit? What was inside? Let me know in the comments!


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