Last week shortly after writing a blog post talking about Winterlicious, I ended up going to Yu Seafood to try out the Winterlicious menu with my mom. It was our first time ever tryout out Winterlicious and it was a fun experience!

For those who are curious about Winteerlicious, you can learn more about it in my other blog post. Link Here.

So first off, Yu Seafood is a higher-end Chinese Seafood restaurant and Dim Sum place that is located inside of Yorkdale Shopping Centre. My mom and I have seen it a couple of times when we visit Konjiki Ramen for lunch sometimes, which just so happens to be located next door.

We’ve also ordered Dim Sum from this place once before and thought that it was worth the occasional splurge because its taste and portion size weren’t bad. Prices are a little bit in the higher range per dish for us to normally eat, but Winterlicious’ pricing gave us a push to give it a go.

The lunch course is about $41 before tax and gratuities, and it gets you an appetizer, main and dessert. To start, we added a pot of Chrysanthemum Tea. It’s actually my favourite tea and I grew up drinking a lot of it throughout the years, so it was a little bit of a throwback to have here.

For an appetizer, my mom and I both opted for the Prawn and crab roe soup with tofu. We both aren’t fans of the hot and sour soup in general and didn’t want spring rolls to start the meal. And the soup was great, it had decently sized seafood chunks, roe and greens surprisingly.

Prawn and crab roe soup with tofu, and Chrysanthemum tea.

Next up for the main dish, I opted for the Torch Pressed Shrimp and Salmon sushi and my mom got the dim sum platter. We also ordered a serving of beef tongue and shared most of the dishes as well. The beef tongue was something we were both surprised by because it tasted amazing. The sushi was good, and the dim sum was pretty amazing too but also a little basic apart from the ingredients.

Dim Sum platter
Beef tongue, there was much more than shown here

I liked the white fish dim sum the best because it had a good flavour to it, and the fish made an interesting texture when paired with the dim sum skin (I’m not sure how to describe that). The beef tongue also had quite the amount of garlic, which was fine for us but beware for those who aren’t garlic fans!

Our dessert! Panna Cotta to the left, Mango Sago to the right.

And finally, for dessert, I got the Mango Sago and my mom got the Coconut Panna Cotta. We’ve never really had either dessert before but it was good, not too sweet. Overall, we would recommend giving this place a try during Winterlicious or if you’re looking for a place to splurge at.


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