I kid you not, David’s Tea seems to be everywhere so I’ve known about the company for a really long time especially because every mall I frequent it seemed that David’s Tea has a store. This is my review of how my first time ordering from David’s Tea went, what I got and some reviews of their teas. Hope you enjoy!

So for some backstory, David’s Tea is a Canadian company that was founded in Toronto around 2008. They’re known for their Teas (obviously) and the info I found from their site points to them striving to make a positive impact and also to support communities they do business with.
I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant to try their products but I’m kind of glad that I did. Many of you may or may not know, but I come from a Chinese-Vietnamese family. So some of the tea blends I found were a little odd in my opinion, or downright weird, because I’m so used to the typical herbal/green/oolong/chrysanthemum teas you’d usually have at a Dim Sum place.
Now I ordered this back in February, I don’t rememeber if it was during a sale or what but I do remember it arriving fairly quickly. My total was about $57-ish CAD, which I kind of regretted after the purchase but I held out hope that the teas were good. (And some were!)
david's tea order 

Everything arrived in a teal David’s Tea box, and it was all packaged quite well. I ordered 3 bags of tea (small), the sweet treat sampler, 1 pack of 200 tea filters, 1 perfect ceramic spoon and 2 packs of their agave syrup sticks.
I think I should have a *disclaimer* but I’m slightly picky about teas because of what I’m used to drinking growing up, so my first impressions may not be the best thing to base your own opinion out of if you want to try their teas/blends.

The first tea I tried was from the Sweet Treat sampler, it was S’mores Chai. I’ve had some form of Chai tea somewhere else as a kid (wasn’t a pleasant experience) but I thought giving it a second try when I was older is a great start. First impressions without anything added; it was pretty good, but it was missing something so I added some milk (not a lot) and that final product suited my tastes better.

Later that day I ended up trying Deep Blue Spirulina (iced) I don’t believe I did it properly because it tasted like lightly flavoured water, but the hot version was pretty good but light. I loved the colour of it so I didn’t expect that much taste-wise. The next day, I had Midsummer Night’s Dream. It smelled very citrus-y and had the aroma/taste to match, personally I prefer to add a spoonful of Korean Citron Tea jam but it was another success.
The last tea I’ve tried this far was Candy Cane Crush, which was on clearance I believe. I think other than the Chai, this was my favourite as well. It’s got the peppermint taste/sweetness and like the chai I preferred to add just a touch of milk to it.


As you can probably (already) tell, I liked most of the teas I’ve tried so far. However, if you’re someone who’s used to certain types of tea/tea mixes I would suggest giving them a try in store (when they open up) before committing. In the future, it’s very likely that I’ll get some of the teas again or try another blend.
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