Hello! So I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day and was able to eat some good food, etc. I ended up working this Mother’s Day but I was able to plan out some things in advance with my mom, and arranged to get some treats the week after Mother’s Day because why not? Here we go!

Okay, so the first thing that I bought for my mom was the second most recent Picky Box because it was too good of a deal to pass on. Normally, I don’t bother buying the Picky Boxes because even though you’re only paying for the shipping, it’s still a bit on the expensive side. The Picky Box I got for her is the Anti-Aging one, she’s not too worried about using anti-aging products but I wanted to stock up on some of her products because they were running a little low.

First Look Into Picky's Anti-Aging Picky Box
First Look Into Picky’s Anti-Aging Picky Box

So for some of these boxes, they don’t cost a thing but you just had to pay for shipping. For our location, it was roughly $40 which is pretty expensive, but considering that you didn’t have to pay for the products themselves, it was worth it. The box itself has 5 products and here’s what they were!

The first product I took out from the box is Neogen’s Vita Duo Night Cream. I haven’t heard much about this, however, Neogen is a brand that I personally like and one of the first few K-Beauty brands I tried. On the other hand, I had heard about the Day & Night cream duo that came out a while back, I’m thinking that this will be similar.

Neogen's Vita Duo Night Cream
Neogen’s Vita Duo Night Cream

The second product out of the box was something I had heard of and was researching at the time; Papa Recipe’s Noble Rot Ampoule. Their new Noble Rot line was something I was already looking into getting for my mom, so this worked out really well when I noticed it featured in the box.

Papa Recipe's Noble Rot Lifting Ampoule
Papa Recipe’s Noble Rot Lifting Ampoule

Third product I pulled out ended up being Tiam’s Vita Red Sunscreen, and I might end up using this instead of my mom. The interesting thing about this sunscreen is that it’s formulated with Vitamin C, so not only does it offer sun protection, it also offers the revitalizing and brightening effects from the Vitamin C.

My mom has certain sunscreens that she prefers to use so I don’t think she’d try this out, but I’ll gladly take it lol.

Tiam My Signature Vita Red Sunscreen
Tiam My Signature Vita Red Sunscreen

The next product is something that we’re both familiar with and that is Nacific’s Fresh Herb Origin Toner. A few years ago, I had the Fresh Herb Serum and my mom ended up using some of it. The scent was pretty intense with that product so I kind of expect the toner to be about the same, or maybe similar. Were not quite sure who will be using this yet since we’re both good on toners.

Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Toner
Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Toner

The final product in Picky’s Anti-Aging Picky Box is Haru Haru Wonder’s Black Rice Cleansing Gel. Haru Haru Wonder is a brand I’ve heard a lot about but never thought I’d get the opportunity to try out. It’s not exactly expensive per see, but it’s also not super cheap and can be a little harder to find. So I often see them listed as sold out on some sites.

The Haru Haru Wonder product that comes in this box is the Black Rice Unscented Cleansing Gel, I’ve heard a lot about this brand’s line, especially about how good the serum is. I’m really excited to try this out, so look out for the review soon!

Haru Haru Wonder Black Rice Cleansing Gel
Haru Haru Wonder Black Rice Cleansing Gel

I also ended up getting my mom some mom-approved treats from a local Canadian small business as well to really finish off Mother’s Day. Hoping that everyone had a great Mother’s Day this year!


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