Hi everyone, I’m back. So for today, there’s nothing really special but I wanted to bring attention that the Picky App (that I’ve previously mentioned before here) now has a section where you can add your skincare routine and share it! My routine’s been a little changed up recently, so I thought I would show you guys. Maybe we even have the same products?!

All the products I used will be listed, with exceptions to exfoliators and masks I think. Those I’ll just mention somewhere below.
  • Tony Moly Artemisia (Mugwort) Hydrogel Eye Patch
  • Heimish Black Tea Mask
  • Neogen Lemon Peeling Gauze

Hello, everyone. I’m back and I want to apologize for being inactive on my blog and Instagram since late October. I had planned for a few blog posts to go up, however, we had a family emergency sprung on us from the other side of the world. My grandmother ended up in the hospital and her health declined very quickly, one week she finished physiotherapy and was back home, and the next she was in a medically induced coma.
Two days later she was gone, my family and I wanted to see if we could grab a flight back to see her but it was just not possible with Covid-19 and the extremely high airfare cost (about $3K). I spent the next few weeks helping around the house and doing the general tasks needed, and my family went into mourning. It wasn’t quite appropriate to post anything that I had planned for the blog or the podcast so I held back.
While the official/traditional mourning period is far from over, for the next few weeks I’ll be trying to jump back into a regular routine again (both for the blog and for my personal life) as much as I can. Thank you to everyone who gave their well-wishes when everything went down, stay safe!


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