If you’ve been keeping track of skincare for the past year or so, Nacific has a line of skincare called ‘Fresh Herb’ that’s meant to help troubled skin. This is serum known as the “damn serum” because of the tingly sensation it causes when applied on troubled skin. Let’s give this a look!

I grew up with the mentality that skincare shouldn’t hurt to work, it was information passed down from my mom and also one sign I look for since I’m usually trying so many products throughout the year. However, knowing that this product was meant to sting or tingle a little I decided to try it. The serum’s meant to be hydrating, anti-aging, soothing to sensitive skin and tightens pores.
Fresh Herb Origin Serum
Unlike most of the products I buy, I actually got this off of Jolse near the beginning of March and despite many airports shutting down all over the globe, it made it to Canada on time. The serum is in a glass bottle with a glass dropper and is a separated-type serum with aloe vera serum (?) and the oil layer. It gives off a very strong herbal and citrus scent that dissipates pretty soon afterwards.
Now, because I have oily-normal combination skin, I was worried about incorporating a product that has an oil layer. While I know it won’t necessarily make me break out, I was a tad worried nonetheless.  The first time I used it, there was no tingling sensation, or maybe there was but I didn’t feel anything. Despite being partially oil, it also was very light.
I originally bought this to try but when I started working and ended up getting slightly more frequent breakouts from wearing a mask all day, it served another purpose. It would occasionally sting sometimes when it normally doesn’t, and that’s how I could tell it was working on whatever problem areas that were trying to form.  It also wasn’t tacky, but it leaves the skin feeling moisturized and healthier? If that could even be a thing…lol
I didn’t find the stinging to be particularly bad, but I think it would be different for everyone. In the end, I like the serum for the purposes and I’d probably buy it again because it does so many things.  I’ll have a link to where you can buy the product below (affiliate).

Hope this review was helpful, and there’s an affiliate link below if you choose to purchase it. Through the affiliate link, I’ll get a small commission (with no additional cost to you) if you decide to buy the serum, but it’s totally optional. Also, feel free to follow my blog on Bloglovin’ to never miss a blog post!


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