It feels a little bitter-sweet to be writing this since this is the last review for this series, however I had a great time trying out all of the skincare products in this little review bundle from Nacific and Picky this time around. Here’s what I thought about the clay mask.

First off, I want to clarify that I received this product for free from Nacific and Picky in exchange for my honest review. As always, my opinions are my own.

Nacific isn’t a new brand to me and I have tried one other product from their Fresh Herb Origin line, which is the one that the brand is most known for. I liked the serum I tried years ago and also the two other Nacific products that I tried as part of this review bundle, so I felt that there was a big expectation for the clay mask to be good.

Nacific's Half & Half Clay Mask
Nacific’s Half & Half Clay Mask
Nacific's Half & Half Clay Mask
Nacific’s Half & Half Clay Mask

The packaging for the clay mask is a simple black and mint colour, but mostly black. I find that it’s pretty sleek looking and the mint accents give it a nice pop of colour. The “half & half” style of this clay mask that isn’t uncommon, but you also won’t see every brand coming out with products like this. It’s a rather large jar that’s separated in half (some look like the Yin & Yang symbol) with two different creams or masks in each section.

However, the Nacific clay mask is split right in the middle. On one side you’ll have grey clay, which is meant to be applied to the sebum zone (oily zone) to absorb the oil/sebum. On the other side, it’s a matcha green mask, meant to cool down and nourish the skin.

Nacific's Clay Mask Spatulas
Nacific’s Clay Mask Spatulas

It also offers two different spatulas for the mask, one resembles a paddle and the other looks like a very wonky hockey stick lol. I think I mixed up the applicators when I first opened it (my fault really) so I’ve been using the paddle for the green mask and the wonky hockey stick for the grey mask. They work just as well with either mask so…I’ll leave it be.

The masks are clay masks so they are a bit goopy to apply, but when you get the hang of it, it should go on smoothly. The grey mask doesn’t really have a particular smell to it, but the green mask is very herbally. It’s also one of those intense but fresh herbal scents so I don’t think people would be too bothered by it.

Nacific’s Half & Half Clay Mask – Top is masking, Bottom is sebum zone

The sebum zone mask is alright in my opinion, it doesn’t dry out your skin but it also doesn’t seem to remove too much oil. This could be either a pro or con depending on what you’re looking for, but for me, it’s alright. It’s great for those days when you want to use a clay mask but don’t want to deal with the dry skin afterwards. But it’s not for those looking to use a clay mask to absorb all of their excess sebum.

On the other hand, the green mask is something that’s particularly interesting for me. It’s very cooling on the skin and I find that the cooling effect doesn’t quite dissipate after the first few minutes. The herbal scent doesn’t burn my eyes and I thought I felt little leaf or exfoliating bits in the mask when I was washing it off too.

Speaking of washing it off, it’s recommended to wait 10-15 minutes before washing off the mask but I found that the grey mask (sebum zone) ended up drying and cracking even before the time was up. I’ve always been warned about not letting a clay mask dry on your face fully before washing it off, but there were no adverse effects with this mask.

All in all, I think it’s a neat little product that Nacific has come out with. Personally I find that it’s worth the money for it because you do get two masks and a little of it goes a long way so you won’t be using the 50mL mask up too quickly. Recommending this product as a perfect Spring to Fall mask, but I’m unfortunately unable to link it for purchase below. I couldn’t find it for sale from the retailers I shop with.

Thank you so much to Picky and Nacific for hosting this reviewing event, and for those who’ve been reading the reviews and content on my blog. If you missed the other two reviews, you can find the Mist review here. And the sun essence review here.


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