I’ve only seen one other Nacific sunscreen so I was very surprised that there was a second version/generation of sunscreen available. It’s my first time reviewing sunscreen through the Picky program, so I’m pretty excited! Here we go.

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First off, I received this product for free from Picky and Nacific through the Picky reviewer program, in exchange for my honest review. This sunscreen was one of 3 items in the Picky x Nacific bundle.

Nacific is a brand that I’m not unfamiliar with, and I tried one of their skincare products many years ago. I remember wanting to try their sunscreen (the first generation) but I’m more than excited to be able to try this version. The brand is really geared towards being a vegan and “natural” brand, so think 100% vegan and no animal-derived ingredients in their products.

I didn’t see a lot of people talking about this sunscreen yet, but the sunscreen is marketed at being moisturizing but also very lightweight. Both of which are key factors that people look for in sunscreen nowadays.

Nacific's Sun Essence Box
Nacific’s Sun Essence Box
Nacific's Sun Essence Tube
Nacific’s Sun Essence Tube

Let me start off by saying that I am really impressed by Nacific’s Sun Essence. The sunscreen comes in a 50g tube with a pretty rose gold cap and simple white packaging. I was a little worried about this sunscreen being an Essence-like texture because they sometimes aren’t the best but that’s not the case for this one thankfully!

Nacific Sun Essence
Nacific Sun Essence

The sunscreen is a nice lotion-essence type texture, just watery enough without it running down your hands or face when applied. It also feels delightfully cool on your face when first applied too. It spreads across your face very easily and it sinks in really fast, making it probably one of the most convenient sunscreens I’ve tried this year.

When it kind of dries down, it leaves a skin-like finish with a very subtle glow that lasts for about 10 minutes. I really like sunscreens like this because during the summer I sometimes look very oily, and glowy-skin finish sunscreens make it 10x worse.

Nacific Sun Essence
Nacific Sun Essence

I also wanted to add that the sun essence has a very citrusy scent to it, I don’t find that it’s strong but it’s light a much lighter version of the scent in the Fresh Herb Origin products. As someone who loves citrusy scents, I’m absolutely loving this sunscreen and I think it’s safe to say it’s going to be my current holy grail sunscreen.

Whether you’re looking for a new sunscreen now, or just using what you have, I think it’s worth giving this sunscreen a try. I’m sure this will become pretty popular soon. If you’re interested in purchasing this sunscreen for yourself, I’ve got a link (affiliate) down below to StyleKorean, but it is also available at Olive Young’s website.


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