This is an overview of how to navigate my blog and the content you should expect to see for certain blog tags. It seems pretty straight forward however I feel better about being able to help you navigate my blog to find your interested content.
On my general home page, you will find a link to my general blog feed, another link to my last published blog post and the final link leads to this navigation help post.
When you get to my blog, you will see my last published blog post and for desktop users the first section to the far right will be the tags for the blogs, followed by the tags for the archives. However, for mobile users, this will be at the bottom after the last blog of the page (Max is 5).
The first blog tag you’ll see is All which is essentially the page you’re taken to after clicking the link to get to the blog. Think of this as the home page for my blog/blog posts, kind of helps to make it navigate the site.
Next up Beauty which is a pretty wide topic, and you’ll also be wondering why I differentiated Beauty from K Beauty. Well, for any products you see listed in the Beauty tag, there’s a very slight probability that they are available to you via local stores and etc. For example, most of those products I’ve listed are available at The Face Shop, Sephora Canada, a local Korean supermarket or Pacific Mall (Toronto).
The tag after that is Fashion, a topic which I don’t have a lot of content on and one that I’m trying to improve upon. I’m not one to always keep up with the trends, but I do occasionally keep up. The only problem is that sometimes they look odd on me, I’m pretty tall and not all styles suit my body so I have to be a little nitpicky and choose what looks good and makes me feel confident or comfortable. If you want more Fashion tag content, just let me know.
Food is the next tag, and it’s also one that I forget to update. I’m not a stranger to trying new things and food is one thing I’m never afraid to try, except for spicy food because I don’t have any spice tolerance. It ranges anywhere from trying food at restaurants to gummies and instant noodles.
The next tag is where the title speaks for itself, my Hauls where it (essentially) catalogues the money I spend. Which I do make up for… I would also say that this is the most infrequent tag that’s updated because I never really know when I’ll order. But when I do, you’ll bet it will be there.
As I mentioned before, I created two tags that seemed similar. However the products in   the    K-beauty   tag are least likely to be found at local stores, meaning I most likely ordered them off a website or the brand’s site itself.
Online Shopping ​ is a tag that covers any blog post where I might’ve gotten the products online, or it could be a review of ordering from and certain site and etc.
Real Talk    is one of my newer tags, it’s essentially a place where I break away from my typical content and talk a little bit about the real life and the problems and etc.
Reviews  is a tag where it speaks for itself, this is where you can find my reviews for sites or products and etc.
Timeline  is where you can find major highlighting blogs, however only the most major (first of something or etc) will appear so it probably shouldn’t be used like the other tags.
Finally, Tips/Hacks    is where you find my tips/hacks. Some of which I had to figure out myself….Then the very last blog tag I have is   Travel  which is still  being worked on. My guess is that it will outline places I’ve been to and where you should visit and etc.
The newest edition to make the tags/topics list is lifestyle which essentially covers all lifestyle related things that don’t have a home in the regular tags.
Anyways, sorry for the super guide but I hope it can possibly help you to navigate my blog better!


Toronto-based Beauty and Lifestyle blogger focusing on the world of Korean Skincare and Beauty, particularly product reviews and where to get them in Canada.

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