Honestly, I was very curious about this product and also very skeptical as to whether or not it works. To this day, I still cannot say for sure that it works 100% or that it’s 100% a dud. Though I find that you can probably use this for your sore muscles, because it has that cooling/tingling effect.

In essence, the body/leg slimmer has a gel that is supposed to help slim down your legs (the product description on Yesstyle says that it slims down the legs by reducing the look of cellulite). The little product also has 3 metal “magic ball” roller to kind of massage the gel in, and I guess to promote the slimming of your legs.

The design of the product seems like it would be alright for travel, and there’s a cap for the roller balls so they don’t get that dirty. The product inside actually has a very herbal scent to it, which I guess is what causes the tingling sensation.
If you’ve used any of those stomach fat burning patches, it’s pretty similar but the tingle/“burn” is much lighter. It also won’t have the exact same herbal scent, but something similar and less prominent.
The gel in my opinion dries down pretty well, with little to no sticky residue left over. But this will take a little bit of time, I’m actually not sure if we’re supposed to let it sit or wash it off and there aren’t any instructions that say.

Overall, the body slimmer is pretty cool. I like the cooling/tingly sensation that the gel gives and the rollers are great for sore muscles I suppose. I think it arrived in July, so in about 3 months of using this (on and off) I used up just over 1/4 of the product. There seems to have been some “slimming” effect, but as I said in the beginning, I’m not 100% sure.
For the price range it’s listed for ($17-$23 CAD) I probably won’t end up buying this again anytime soon. It’s good for sore muscles/generally as a massage product, but it’s in the grey area for slimming products. I feel as though those slimming patches would be more likely to work better, but that’s a whole different debate.
I’ve listed the body slimmer below for anyone who’s interested in looking into it, or buying it. Please note that this is an affiliate link.*
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