I forgot to mention that I had finished the Neogen Green Tea Peeling Gauze a while back, and have just been using up the rest of my peeling gels for a little while there. Now that I’m -finally- finished with my peeling gels, I opened up my backup peeling gauze from Neogen. I’ve actually bought this before in Green Tea, so I’m very excited to see how this one is in comparison.

I’m not expecting this lemon version of the peeling gauze to be any different than the green tea one, other than the scent of course. You can read my full review of the Neogen Green Tea Peeling Gauze here, if you’re interested.
Just as a  recap for those who don’t know about it; this peeling gauze is from a South Korean beauty (K-beauty) brand called Neogen.  It’s one of the products that come to my mind when someone mentions this brand, and also seems to be pretty popular.
​The peeling gauze pad has two different textures on each side of it, one side is rougher which is meant to be used to exfoliate. It’s very easy to over-do it so please, please be careful and aware of how much/how long you’re using it. The other side is a soft cotton pad that’s embossed, and used to pat in the essence contained in the pad itself.
According to the product description on Yesstyle, the Green Tea version contains green tea that moisturizes, brightens and minimizes pores. Along with something called Centella Asiatica which is supposed to help heal wounds and improve blood circulation, there’s also a note that it promotes collagen production and improve skin elasticity.
However, for the Lemon version it contains lemon which promotes a bright and radiant complexion (from the Vitamin C too), and lemongrass which revitalizes skin, improves the firmness of our skin and clearing the impurities from clogged pores.
All in all, the pad itself isn’t any different from the green tea one. But I did notice some brightening effects since I started using the lemon version. It’s still pretty effective in removing dead skin, and best of all, no stinging.
Neogen Lemon Bio Peel Gauze

Like the green tea version, there is a scent to the lemon one as well. But the smell of the lemon version is a bit more prominent than the green tea one, I can’t say if it smells more manufactured or natural though. I’m sure there probably is a difference, maybe, but I can’t tell.

One thing I’m a little unsure about however, is the part where the essence in the green tea peeling pad has a component which is supposed to improve blood circulation. I’m fairly pale, approx a shade 23 in most Korean foundations, and I get red pretty easily. Seriously, if only you could see me when I get really embarrassed or put on the spot.
But when I used the green tea pads, almost immediately afterwards my face turns a light shade of pink and it has nothing to do with how hard or how long I used the exfoliating side of the pads (I learned my lesson the first time around lol). I also don’t think it’s a reaction to the essence because it doesn’t sting at all, but I’m not well versed on what should or shouldn’t happen when you try new skincare.
Well, other than the fact that if it stings. Get. It. Off!
Well with the exception of a specific few products where it actually is supposed to sting a little. There’s a handful out there. Anyways, I’ve always assumed that it’s the component kicking in right away to improve blood circulation. But that didn’t happen at all when I tried the lemon one.
My point is: my skin had different small reactions (not in a bad way) to both the lemon and green tea peeling gauze pads. So if you’re looking into buying these, please be mindful and aware of your skin’s reactions. Anyways best to be cautious then end up hurting.

Thanks for reading my recap of the Green Tea peeling gauze and the rather short review for the Lemon peeling gauze. I’ll link the lemon one below if you’re interested, I also found a lighter version of the lemon peeling pads available so I’ll put that below too.
~ See you in the next one!
Click here, for the lighter version.


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