Annnndddd 2019 is upon us!!! Another year, another…..I forgot the quote, or maybe I started wrong, but eh. Anyways this is something that’s supposed to talk a little bit about everything (as you can see in the title) so follow up by clicking “read more”. OR, wait until my next blog post if this topic isn’t necessarily your type of topic.
First and foremost, I feel that since I’m graduating this year, I should mention Post Secondary School Applications and whatnot. Well, I don’t know if I have mentioned it (probably not) but I’m planning to go into the Veterinary/Animal Care or Esthitician Program(s), whichever one will depend on a few things but I’m not necessarily picky. So unfortunately I don’t think I have any advice for those planning to go into University, sorry about that…
For the most part, deciding on what I wanted to actually do wasn’t only the hardest part of my grade 11th/12th year, figuring out how to tell my parents was the hardest. My parents always aspired for me to not have to do heavy duty work like working in an assembly line or as a delivery driver, but to maybe try for being a nurse (my mom’s idea) or to have an office job (my dad’s idea). Neither of which were appealing to me, but I did say I might be a nurse (for the longest time) just to appease my mom when I was younger.
My parents did push for me to aim to go to University, so when I had to tell them that I “had” to go to college to do what I like, there was some resistance. It wasn’t an argument but it was a deep discussion that lasted a few days, most of the time I was the one who had to lay down all the facts regarding my profession of choice, the tuition costs, commuting to school, my plans (residence or no residence) and reassuring them that I knew what I was doing. But jokes on me, I’m literally clueless.   I was lucky in this part because I had a family friend who did go to the same program that I wanted to go into, so I was able to ask her everything else the program guide didn’t tell me.
I also got to know the profession a little bit because I’m in my second year of Co-op at a vet clinic, my first co-op placement last year was at an animal hospital so I would say that I did learn quite a bit, but I am also still slightly clueless. So for those who are in the works of letting your parents know your plans for post secondary, make sure you have your info straight/facts ready incase they ask. This way they know you’re taking this seriously, and are serious in following this specific field.

Another thing that’s happened between New Year’s til now (other than the first week back at school) was my 18th birthday, I tried not to make a big deal out of it because, well, it’s just another year added to my age. Thank you for the birthday wishes, and thank you to my friends and family for the wonderful and very thoughtful presents as well as the food. I don’t feel comfortable doing a birthday haul (unless I’m the one buying the items) but you’ll see some reviews of the products themselves later on.
Now to avoid having a super long and rambling blog, I’ll just stop here until next time!


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