I don’t know about you but Cod skin or “fish skin” snacks were somewhat common for me growing up, I didn’t have them a lot because some brands were very fishy-smelling and could stink up the condo just by having the bag open for a little while. It’s been a while since I did a blog post about trying weird snacks or anything food-related I believe, so I hope this was a fun little read.

I found both of these snacks at a Chinese grocery store, I usually shop at T&T but this was a bigger store that I don’t know the name to. I’ve visited this particular grocery store a handful of times before but I usually don’t purchase anything. I bought the cod skin because it was fairly cheap at the time, and the MT pea crackers because it sounded interesting.
First off, you must know that most cod skin chips are made to be a little spicy to offset the fishiness. There are some that are not spicy and this one was not the case, I didn’t double-check the ingredients before purchasing so it’s totally my fault. I don’t usually buy any spicy food/snacks because I can’t handle spice as well as some people, sometimes I’m okay with the spice level and other times I back out after just a little piece or etc.
The cod skin was alright if eaten in moderation, for me that’s probably 1 or 2 pieces depending on size but if you tolerate spices well, eat as much as you want. Overall they were good, but I’d likely not buy them again just because of the spice level. The specific brand I bought also has a salted egg version which, sounds interesting.
The next snack was the bag of bubble tea pea crackers, and to be very honest, it was kind of disappointing. While it tasted very good, I kind of expected a stronger bubble tea or milk tea flavour but to be honest it tasted like regular pea crackers. Maybe a little sweeter but pretty much the same, give or take. It was slightly pricier than the cod skin too so I guess that’s where the disappointment stems from.

Overall they were fun snacks to try, and while I would recommend trying the cod skin I wouldn’t say the same for the pea crackers because it wasn’t quite worth the price.


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