The MMVAs are here! The past MMVAs usually took place in June, however this year they’ve set it for August 26th! Another difference from past events is that you don’t have to camp out for wristbands anymore! Registration was online at 10am today. Those who registered and got the confirmation email will need to go pickup their wristbands on August 15th between 2pm-8pm, each registerant gets 2 wristbands. If you and your guest show up, you’ll both need to have an ID with you to pickup your wristbands (registered in your name). If you show up alone, your second wristband will apparently be forfeited.
According to their email, you’ll also be informed of things you can and can’t bring into the parking lot the day you get your wristbands. And you are supposed to keep your wristbands on until the event on the 26th.
This year’s list of performers include; 5 Seconds of Summer, Kris Wu, Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara, Meghan Trainor, Anne-Marie, Marshmellow and Halsey!
Frankly I’m excited, because this is the first year I’m going to the event with a wristband (Got the confirmation email). Years ago I went to the event with a friend and got to see it from Queen Street, only memorable thing from that was Nick Jonas singing/walking in between barricades. I think I may have a video on my old phone.
Please note that recording quality is kinda bad, it was recorded on an Iphone 4s at the time.


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