One year ago today, I finally had the guts to launch my blog and wrote a short little “Hello World” post to celebrate. Now to be honest, I’m not even sure how I’ll celebrate this. Through this past year, my blog has been visited by over 200 visitors! Now Weebly doesn’t actually count for you so I had to make do by adding up each week’s visitor counts, which may or may not be accurate.
Some of those views may have been because I unknowingly named my blog the same as someone else’s (oops), and I’m terribly sorry for that hence the very fast name change.
However, the amount of visitors my blog had managed to get surpassed my guesstimate of 10 visitors a month. So thank you all so, so, so much for reading my blogs. Or just randomly clicking that link on a random Instagram user’s profile.
I think I might host a Ask Me Something session on instagram for the anniversary, and yes, I know it’s technically called Ask Me Anything but I feel that there may or may not be some things that I wouldn’t answer so….ask away and see?! You can probably click below to be directed to my instagram account or find me: @vesalisa on Insta.
*Please note that you are not obligated to follow my account to participate!*

The session will start at 10am EDT on August 1st and run until roughly 3pm EDT, times may change if anything comes up though. Anyways, see you guys then!


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