Today we’ll be taking a look online for new stuff that’s being launched (Beauty products)/recently launched or have already been launched. I actually do spend some free time just surfing a few sites to compare prices, and just see what’s up in the K-beauty world.

Since it’s also close to the holiday season (not really, but you know it’s close when Sephora/brands announce their sets) we’ll also take a look at sets and some products from western beauty brands.
**This whole little chat and list will include products in a set (I’ll let you know if they’re limited or not), or can be individual products, or a whole collection, etc. To save some space at the bottom of the post, some pictures will be clickable links as well, and some won’t have links at all.**
*Also note, that some of these products are affiliate links*
First item that caught my eye when I started window shopping online, was an eyeshadow palette from the brand Heimish.  Now, there’s no shortage of rose-coloured eyeshadow palettes, especially when fall rolls around. But this caught my eye because it seems to include a dual-ended brush. The palette also has a mirror and has 8 shades in total. I don’t find the price to be crazy, and it would make a great gift for someone without a rosy palette or etc.
Next product I found memorable was the Reve de Paris limited set by Moonshot.  I don’t know if sets are common in K-beauty (especially makeup sets) or if I’m not looking hard enough, but if I find a set you’ll likely hear about it. Now this set contains an eyeshadow palette and a lip stick, all placed into an ecobag.  I found this to be a great deal because you get a bag added in, and because I actually already had the palette and lipsticks added in my wishlist.
I would recommend the colours #601, #603 and #604.
Lately, I’ve been wondering more about jelly-textured lip products. I don’t think I have one, and there are constantly new textures and formulas to try that I feel as though I completely missed getting a jelly-textured lip product. One thing I noticed about this line, is that their colour range is kind of limited to the basics.
They literally have 2 reds, 1 orange-red, 1 orange-pink and one basic pink. Based on what little knowledge I have on the texture, I think opting for reds are the better option. I find pinks to be a little hard to control sometimes.
I think this is new from Innisfree, but it caught my attention pretty quickly. I think the colours are supposed to be various shades of the inside of figs, and honestly that’s really cute especially with the heart in the middle. The heart shape in the centre holds glitter which can be used alone or mixed along with the blush colour on the sides.
It’s description also says that this is a baked blush. There are 4 colours available, and I find them to be pretty wearable based on the pictures but the true test would be on your own skin/makeup. If I were to get this, I would personally gravitate towards #1 because it looks to be a middle-point between pink and coral and I’ve always gotten either pink or coral blushes in the past.
I’ve seen this brand around yesstyle for quite a while now, I’m not sure if it’s new but I like the dried fruit concept of the lip product.  I find the shades to be more suited for early to mid-fall, but I’m sure you can probably still rock it year round. The product is supposed to have a sherbet-like texture that doesn’t accentuate the fine lines or dead skin on your lips, so I don’t find that the promotional swatch videos do the product justice.
There are 5 shades available, but I would recommend #A14 Peach or #A17 Pomegranate.
If you’ve been with my blog for a while, or even if you’ve seen the last “to try” or “list” posts, then you’ll know that I have a soft spot for Pony Effect. So to say I was excited when I saw this new line, is an understatement. Frankly, the colours are a lot more bold than I would reach for, but they should have a shade for everyone’s preferences.
The formula is said to be powder-touch, so it should apply smoothly and have a powdery finish. Similar to the airy velvet by peripera but I don’t think it’s as light. There are 8 shades available, but I would personally reach for #3 Like It and I would also recommend #2 Dream It.
I find this similar to the mamonde creamy squeeze lip colour, but also different because this seems a little more matte than the other.  Based on the name of the product, I expect it to make your lips look like a flower petal with dewdrops on it lol. All jokes aside, this is supposed to be matte and moisturizing with a side of blurring effects.
I would recommend the colours #4 Chest Rose and #5 Fade Coral, #4 for be the bolder shade in my opinion and #5 would be the everyday wear one.
Moonshot is also another brand that I like, but haven’t gotten yet. So seeing a new product launch has me cringing with another item added to the wish list. This is supposed to be a lighter version of the original cream paint, but I think everything else is the same. There are 5 shades available, but according to the notes it seems to be 5 different shades of coral?
I’d personally recommend the colours 501 Almond Rose, 502 Sweet Mauve and 503 Chilling Coral. But all of the colours look to be very wearable, so no worries.
I really like the colours available for both palette versions, but I find it kinda similar to the Tarte Sea Collection Eyeshadow Palette shape-wise. Though this one has an additional eyeshadow in the centre. I like how the colours seem to be able to compliment one another, and I can see myself using a lot of them on a daily basis if I ever got this palette.
I don’t think there is a difference in colour between the two versions of the palettes, but that could just be me lol.

That’s all for this post! There was a lot more that caught my eye when I was online window shopping, but they weren’t that unique compared to past products featured to be added in. I also have some notable items that I found on Sephora, but I’ll link that here, at a later date.
~ See You In The Next One!


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