This is the second half of the online window shopping post, and this will focus mainly on Western Beauty sets/products, some of which are holiday editions if they’re out already. I personally don’t shop much in western beauty, but  I like seeing what sets/products brands come up with next. Since I don’t usually buy western beauty products, don’t mind me if the little notes are short lol.

Fenty Beauty Glossy Posse Set

I’m not as big of a fan for glosses, but you can’t say this isn’t a good deal.  Not to mention, you get a cute little tin from buying this set too. I saw a review that said the glitter for some of the glosses will stick to your lips after the gloss wears off, so keep that in mind when buying!

Fresh Unmask The Magic Set

I’ve heard many great things regarding the face masks from Fresh, so​ I find the set the best thing to be able to try 3 of their masks and the exfoliator. I’ve tested the rose toner in store, and I find that it has a really overpowering scent so if you get this set, beware of the rose face mask.

Tatcha Skincare for Makeup Lovers Set

Tatcha had only come to my attention this past year or two, and I’ve yet to try their products but there is a lot of praise surrounding their dewy skin line. So if I were going to try Tatcha for the first time, this set would be the way to go. It has 2 products from the dewy skin line, their silk canvas and the violet C radiance mask. I think the radiance mask is one of the anti-aging products, but I’m not 100% sure.

NARS Softcore Mini Blush + Balm Set

I originally thought that this set was only available in the colour ‘Orgasm’ because it’s supposed to be the most popular, but turns out that there’s 3 shades which is perfect. Taking a look at the available shades, I’ll have to say that I like ‘Dolce Vita’ the best. But honestly, the set isn’t that bad of a price and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a new blush and lip colour, or someone who doesn’t go through their makeup that quickly.

Laneige Hydration Dream Team Set

This is the perfect set to get for the holidays, or when the weather finally starts cooling down. We all know how dry our skin may get during the colder months. This set includes their Cream Skin Toner + Moisturizer, Lip Sleeping Mask, Moisture Cream and Sleeping Mask. I tried the cream skin toner in stores and it’s much more moisturizing than the green tea toner I had in the past, so if you tend to layer your toner to get better moisture payout, I think you’ll love this.

Belif Moisture Miracle Set

Staying on the trend of having really moisturizing products for the colder months, here’s another set that I feel would be a great gift for someone or yourself!  It contains the Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser, the Moisturizing Eye Bomb and the Moisturizing Bomb. I actually got a few samples of the Moisturizing Bomb when it first launched (years ago I think), and it was too thick for me even when my skin was super dry during that year’s freezing winter in Toronto.
I personally prefer the Aqua Bomb as the last step in my skincare routine, but that’s probably because I layer like 4-7 items total so… but I’d also recommend that you try both in stores and choose what feels best for you.

I thought I was going to have more in this list, but when I went over the draft with a fine-toothed comb I ended up taking out a lot of products that I added because of the hype, but I wouldn’t have necessarily bought it for myself or a friend. I hope these two lists help with planning out on your holiday shopping spree, or helps to bring some products to your attention.
~ See You In The Next One!


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