Okay, that sounded better in my mind LOL. Anyways, I placed an order from Squish Candies for some gourmet candies and if you can see this blog post blurb, I’ve received the package and am ready to share my experience with you. So what are you waiting for? Click Read More to find out!
Squish had a promotion around Black Friday where they sold select small sized bags as BOGO (buy one get one) free, and I believe they also sweetened the deal with free shipping (correct me if I’m wrong). So I immediately placed my first ever order with the company. It has been a while since then because I wanted to do a thorough taste test with myself and some other friends before coming back with a review for you.
So essentially, I placed my order on November 24th and it arrived at the post office on December 7th, so it took approx. 9-10 business days to arrive. Considering that Canada Post was in the middle of a strike (I think it was that time frame)  that was a pretty speedy delivery.
I bought 5 bags + one free in total:

  • x2 Tropical Hibiscus
  • x1 Tea Leaves
  • x1 Mango Maracuja
  • x1 Pina Colada
  • x1 Ice Cubes
When I got the order, I only then realized that two of the bags were part of their cocktail collection. Oops! Though I think that if the candies contained any alcohol inside at all, it wouldn’t be easily bought though now would it? Side note; but I can say for sure that the Pina Colada ones did taste pretty close to the drink. A little gummy from a tropical vacation.
Out of all 5 flavours I got, the one with the least flavour to it was Tropical Hibiscus when compared to the others I got. It tasted like tea with very faint floral notes, personally I loved all of them (I’m not very picky) but if you’re used to very flavourful gummies/candy you may not like how faint the flavour is.
Tea Leaves tasted like green tea with hints of citrus, and Ice Cubes were like a giant blast of lemon & lime (non-bubbily sprite flavour). Mango Maracuja was my favourite because it brought back a big hit of nostalgia, it tasted like a less powdery version of those mango gummies  I had as a kid. I usually only got them around Lunar New Years, but wow those memories.

Honestly, I wouldn’t normally buy candy/gummies if it exceeds $5 per item if it’s small but I can’t see myself ordering their medium or large sized bags. Their small bags were packed, and I mean PACKED, with the gummies. It’s January and I’m only barely halfway through two bags, so if you don’t necessarily eat a lot of candy I would recommend trying their small bags first. If you’re having a party or something, go for their larger sized bags. All in all, if you find flavours you like; it’s worth it.
**P.S, you’ll also probably get a sample when you order from their site. I got a sample of their Chai gummies.


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