Olive Young isn’t a new brand/site to many people who have used Korean Beauty or are active in K-Beauty circles online. However, it was only recently that Olive Young has started shipping to Canada including a Free Shipping option too! I’ve always ordered my K-Beauty products elsewhere, but I decided to place an order last year and here’s how it went.

I actually don’t really see a lot of Canadian reviews on the shopping and shipping process from Olive Young, and this normally makes me avoid ordering from any international site regardless of how big the brand is. See, the customs process and the fees typically start around $20 – at least for DHL. So you could end up paying so much more for your order.

There are some brands that are exclusive to Olive Young or are harder/unavailable to purchase in Canada that will make people more likely to shop from the site, but without any shipping process reviews from fellow Canadians, it feels risky. I made a purchase on a whim after seeing maybe 2-3 reviews on the shipping process and found out the items I wanted were on sale.

Olive Young Box
Olive Young Branded Box

I ended up buying 3 products total, one of which is CosRX’s Rice Sleeping Mask and the other two were supplements but I won’t be talking too much about those. I placed the order on Dec 28th, and the order got shipped out by EMS. When EMS packages arrive in Canada, they’re usually delivered by Canada Post. And I ended up getting my package on Jan 14th, so it was just about 2 weeks to receive the product.

Personally, I think this was amazing because I ordered during the post-Christmas, post-Boxing Day, New Year’s rush. I really didn’t expect to receive it until maybe the end of January, but hey, not complaining! I also didn’t get any additional fees tacked on so that’s great! Could’ve also just been very lucky but that’s a risk you take every time you order from overseas.

Overall, yes I do recommend Olive Young if you want to get something that’s available on this site. But like always, shop around for your options first.

Some things that I wanted to note about Olive Young for those wondering:

  • They do sell Korean supplements if you’re looking for that, like Lemona, Ginseng Sticks, etc. Not all sites sell this.
  • Like with Jolse, they run Time Deal sales which typically have the best price for items.
  • They also have the referral, and coupon system that most sites have
  • They have colorgram, not sure if it’s exclusive to Olive Young but it’s found there. Colorgram, I believe, is the makeup/beauty brand that’s tied with the drama True Beauty.
  • Finally, Olive Young has their Olive Young special sets. Not all sites will offer similar sets so it’s worth taking a look. Something I recently ordered, came with an extra 20 pcs or something. Keeping it vague until I can get and review it!

Cosrx Rice Overnight Mask
Cosrx Rice Overnight Mask

Now, onto the little haul portion. I got the CosRX Rice Sleeping Mask during this order because I was missing about $10 for free shipping, I’ve always wanted to try this too so I’m really excited to do so. It’ll be a while though before I get to open and use it.

The first two items that I was originally planning on buying this time around were along the lines of supplements. I’ve tried something similar maybe 1-2 years ago and I really liked it, so I looked for something similar before I found these two. I deal with a lot of stress going into the second semester of a school year, which I always have. And during this stressful time, I tend to have a lot of trouble falling asleep.

The supplements I look for and buy are those you take just before bed, and I found that it helps me fall asleep much faster than I normally would. Depending on the brand, they give you enough for 2 weeks to one month, and I only use them for that duration once a year.

Anyways, I hope this was helpful for those who are waiting on reviews before ordering from Olive Young. As a sidenote, I’ve also ended up placing another order because they had a great deal going on for some items I wanted.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience! Looking to order from there. We’re you charge GST/PST and custom fees?

    1. Hi Vanessa, thanks for checking out my blog post! I did not get charged GST/PST or customs fees for this order, or for any of my previous orders. They did use Canada Post as a last mile carrier so that might be why. Hope this helps!

  2. hiii when you payed did you pay in us dollars or canadian dollars to purchase your order and was your card in usd or canadian dollars if it was in canadian did they let you pay and did you pay the american fee or canada???

    1. Hi there, the site will charge your card in USD. I’m located in Canada so my local currency is CAD, but I was still able to pay for the order. Depending on your bank you might be charged some sort of fee or conversion for non-local currency purchases, how much it will be will depend on your bank.

    1. Hi Engenee, thanks for checking out my blog post! I ordered over $50 worth of items so I didn’t have to pay extra for shipping and did not get hit with customs on this order. I hope this answers your question!

  3. Thank you for posting this blog! I am now in the process of checking out my order. I just placed an order last week via stylevana and looking forward to make another order with Olive Young directly this time around. Do you have any referral code that I can use please? Thank you!

  4. Thank you for sharing and replying to answers!!. I was wondering, if you can pay with a prepaid MasterCard/Visa in Canada with CAD. I know you can pay with credit cards from banks but im not sure from prepaid gift cards?

    1. Hi Arman, I’m not sure if Olive Young accepts prepaid cards for payment because I’ve never tried with those. I would think that they would accept it, however I recommend reaching out to their customer service reps to find out. On the other hand, they sell from overseas and any purchase made from their site is charged in USD rather than the buyer’s local currency. An alternative to Olive Young would be Yesstyle, they charge in CAD/local currency and also accept prepaid cards (last I checked). Hope this helps!

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