I placed an order at Pink n Blossom a little while ago because they were having a sale and I had run out of a few things. I’ve known about the company for a little while now but never bought anything until recently.
This isn’t going to be super long actually, just a haul overview but I’ll have product reviews up later.
Pink n Blossom is a Canadian retailer that sells K-beauty and located in Toronto. I don’t quite know a lot of information about the company, but many people have bought from the company and have had good/great experiences.
I placed my order on June 23rd, and it was delivered by June 25th. Super fast delivery but it also wasn’t sent off that far away from where I’m located anyways. I ordered about 3 items, one of which was technically pricey even before the discount/sale. ​
Full PinknBlossom Haul
The first item that made it into my cart was Missha’s Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence. The retail price on Pink n Blossom’s website is $57.99 CAD, and the price I bought it at was $34.79 CAD. If you’ve seen my pasts posts some time ago, I have been itching to try a skincare product with Artemisia/Mugwort.
Reason being, Mugwort is said to be a really good ingredient to soothe and moisturize skin. The first mugwort product I ever saw was from a brand called Vely Vely, but that product is a little hard/expensive to get so when other brands came out with their mugwort lines, I was super excited. I was originally only planning on getting one of the box sets, but I didn’t need to add that many products to my “stock” anyways.
The next product was a hair mask/treatment from the brand Elizavecca called the 100 Collagen Ceramide Coating Protein Treatment. Retail price from Pink n Blossom is $9.99, and the price when I bought it was $6.99. This was the first product I used immedietly after getting my order, and it’s really good in my opinion.
The last product was Missha’s Scalp Therapy shampoo, I originally thought that this was to help with dry scalps or something, but apparently it’s an anti-hair-loss type shampoo so it’s been donated to my mom lol. I think it was $13-$15 CAD on the site but I got it for $10.19 during the sale.
I also just wanted to add, that they do give quite a few samples. I’m probably going to save a few of them but there’s quite a few lol. I also wanted to note, that the black little container in the middle is actually a Men’s skincare sample, so my dad’s going to be given that lol.

I really liked the overall ease of shopping on Pink n Blossom, and while some of the prices seem higher than Yesstyle’s it’s a great option for Canadians to shop at beacuse of Pink n Blossom’s sales alone. I’ll very likely be buying more from here in the future, so stay tuned for some hauls and reviews by following the blog page on Bloglovin’.
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