I really didn’t know what poke bowls were until maybe May of this year, that was when I tried a similar version but featured more Asian ingredients. However, last weekend I was able to stop by North Poke in Kensington Market and try my first poke bowl. Click “Read More” for. . .well, more!
A while back I had felt like I had tried poke bowls before, but I can’t really remember if I had it or it was just an imagination. So while I was out I took the chance to head over to North Poke at Kengsington Market. The bowl that I got was the Hawaii Classic, it was around $11-$12 for their regular size which I found kind of pricey. However it was more than enough for dinner, I was starving by the time I could eat it (when I finally got home from the crowded TTC) and everything was still good. There was a point I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish it too!
There were a lot of ingredients all on top of a bed of rice. From the top you can see onions, avocado, taro chips, seaweed salad and a little bit of the salmon peeking through. Everything tasted amazing together even though I was fearing biting down on a piece of pepper (I don’t do well with spices) however I never did. Or it could have been muted by the avo.
After the meal I was pleasantly stuffed and honestly? I would recommend this. It’s really good and you should be pretty full from at least the regular size option however there are more size choices there. If it’s something you haven’t tried, don’t knock it until you try it!
Have you had Poke bowls before? Have you made your own? Let me know in the comments!


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