The other day while my parents and I were shopping at T&T, I walked by the drinks section and two drinks caught my eye. They were both from the company POKKA, and were flavoured milk drinks. At first I found it unbelievable because they were placed on the shelf, surely if they’re   milk drinks they should be placed  in the fridges right? But curiosity won out and we ended up getting two cans in two flavours, rose and cookies and cream. 
This POKKA drink is a product of Singapore and supposedly tastes like rose infused milk. It’s a favourite in Malaysia and Singapore and known as Bundung. It also came in other flavours like cookies and cream, honeydew and strawberry.
The instructions said to chill and then shake well   before consumption. When opening the drink, the colour of the drink was a nice soft pink and the smell of the drink reminded me of lychee  or rambutan.  I don’t know what roses are supposed to taste like, but to me the drink tastes like Lychee/Rambutan. The consistency of the drink was a bit more watery than milk, but it was refreshing. At $1.49 per one 240ml can, I would consider getting this drink again.
Have you had this drink before? How did you like it? And for those who haven’t had this drink before, would you be willing to try it if you found it in store? Let me know in the comments below!


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