These lashes aren’t my first falsies, however I did wish they were. They come in five different styles and the style I got was the most natural looking one, let’s see how they fare against the first falsies I got!
I saw these lashes as soon as they became available on YesStyle, and  immedietly loved them. Unlike my first falsies, these lashes fit my eye shape and didn’t need to be cut. 
**I do not own this image, this was retrieved from’s product pictures. All rights go to Yesstyle/the owners of the image.**
I chose the style #Trust Me because it was the more natural looking pair of the set, with just a bit of flare at the ends. I originally thought that all falsies needed to be cut to fit your eye shape, however this pair of lashes proved me wrong. 
The lashes are very light, and feel as if you aren’t wearing falsies at all. They also come with a small vial of lash glue, and the applicator looks like a plastic wedge. Which surprisingly applies the right amount of lash glue, without the usual hassle of using the tiny brushes.
Over all, I don’t have any complaints about these lashes. The material feels like they’ll last much longer than my other false lashes, and the price point is…okay? I guess? I got it for around $10.82, but the price now is $10.89.
Do you have your holy-grail false lashes? Let me know in the comments below!


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