After finishing up the meal at Manpuku, there were a bunch of candy on display just before the cashier. Of course, I have a sweet tooth so I couldn’t resist getting one. I chose a mango flavoured puchao which I figured was similar to hi-chew.
The first difference between puchao and hi-chew was that it was softer when you first bite into it. The outer coating is similar to those soft and chewy milk candies you can get at T&T which is a chain of Asian supermarkets. The outer coating extended pretty far into the the candy so it came as a surprise when I reached the part where the mango gummies were.
The price was a little steep (around $3) however it’s as cheap as $1.49 at some of the candy stores at Pacific Mall. I actively sought out the different flavour variations when I visited Pacific Mall and decided to try the soda flavoured one. It’s just as good as the mango one, maybe even better. I would’ve done another review on it but it’s really hard to describe the flavour since it isn’t really like soda.
You’ll probably have to try it to know how it tastes like, maybe you’ll have better luck describing it than I do. Have you tried puchao or hi-chew before? What flavour did you try? Let me know in the comments!


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