Purito, by now, is probably not an uncommon brand in the Korean skincare world. They have a variety of products out there on the market, and it’s not uncommon to see one or more of their products trending on social media honestly. Their Deep Sea Water Cream has been around for a while if I’m not mistaken, and I’m a huge fan of this. So here’s why you’ll want to use it this winter.

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First of all, hi! Hello! It’s been a long while since my last post due to unforeseen circumstances, and I’ll explain in another post. In the meanwhile, I haven’t done a lot of branching out to try and review products, mostly just finishing up a lot of the current ones that I had been trying out. If you’re new to my blog, welcome! I’m Malisa, a blogger based in Canada. I write about K-Beauty and lifestyle, and a little bit about college life as well.

Purito's packaging with a box and their slogan "find your inner green", and honeycomb wrapping around the box
The box and packaging
Purito's Deep Sea Water Cream Tube
The cream and blue packaging

Today, I’ll be reviewing Purito’s Deep Sea Water Cream. It comes in a cream and blue box that looks to be made out of biodegradable sugarcane “100% biodegradable sugarcane Bagasse packaging”, and is printed with soy ink. It follows the simple designs of other Purito products too. The product itself comes in the form of a tube (blue and white) that contains 50 g (1.76 fl oz) of product inside, which is a fair amount.

The simple blue and white tube of Purito's Deep Sea Water Cream
Purito’s Deep Sea Water Cream Tube

This cream is typically geared toward dry and/or dehydrated skin types to hydrate the skin and give it that “glow from within” look. It’s made from 60% deep ocean water and also contains niacinamide and seaweed extracts that help balance the oil and water ratio in the skin. The cream is white in colour and takes on more of a gel-cream consistency, leaning more towards gel than a standard cream viscosity, actually.

The white gel-cream consistency of the Purito Sea Water Cream on my hand
Purito’s Deep Sea Water Cream Consistency

One of the first things I noticed when trying the cream out was how fast it started to sink into your skin. It felt cool when it first came out of the tube and seemed to kind of melt with every pass of your fingers. It was super easy to spread onto your skin and took about 2-3 minutes max before it all sinks in.

One of the things that I was worried about when trying this cream, was mainly if it was going to feel heavy on the skin. This is because I’ve got a normal-oily combination skin type, and this product is recommended for dry skin types. But I do get really dehydrated skin during the winter though, so I had high hopes.

The Deep Sea Cream ended up being super light after application, I didn’t feel like I had a layer on my skin and the bonus is that there’s no tackiness left behind. Instead, it gives your skin this nice “plump” feeling.

What I found interesting about this, is that even though it’s not heavy on the skin, it fared well in cold weather. During a colder day in Canada (about -5 to -13 that day) the cream kept my face from drying out too much while I was outdoors. It’s not on the level of the Silkus Cream I prefer to use for the super cold winter days, but it holds it’s own!

And despite the packaging saying that the product isn’t made with essential oils, I found that there was a very very light scent to the cream. It’s kind of salty, so I guess that’s from the seawater. It’s not heavy at all so I don’t think most people will get irritated by it.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed rediscovering Purito’s Deep Sea Water Cream again. I got a sample of it many many years ago, and it didn’t disappoint this time around either. It’s light enough for daily or nightly use but gives enough hydration to use during cold winter days.

It’s not a hard product to get with places like YesStyle and Jolse selling it, and for around $20 a tube, you get 50g (1.76 fl oz) of product. And a little goes a long way for this, so honestly, this is more than worth it. I highly recommend this cream, and I’m sure this will become a winter skincare favourite.

Did the products seem interesting? I’ve linked them below in case you’d like to get them.

Purito Deep Sea Pure Water Cream 50g – $22.80
from: Jolse (Barunson Co., Ltd)


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