Real Talk 04/02/21

Easter is around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to have a little ‘Real Talk’ session.
First of all, Easter is a festive time for a lot of people and includes activities such as an Easter Egg Hunt or the painting of Easter Eggs. Another thing that tends to happen a lot is the gifting of Easter Rabbits to little kids/families of little kids.
I just wanted to pop on here to say that it is not a good idea to be giving a pet rabbit for Easter unless you are sure you can take care of a rabbit. They live fairly long lives at an average of 8-14 years and need a healthy and varied diet that can be quite expensive.
I have two rabbits myself and while I love them to pieces, they are a handful and eat a lot lol. Our monthly food bill for the rabbits ranges from $50-$100, not including the fresh fruits and vegetables. So this Easter, if you’re looking to gift a bunny please opt for the stuffed animal variety or head over to Etsy for some creative and non-mass-produced finds.

Yearly Easter-note aside, April has become a very gloomy month for me since I went into College. It has nothing to do with the rain, but mainly that after April classes end it’s final exam time. I’ve never been a particularly academic student bringing in high 90’s, but something about College makes it increasingly harder to focus and grasp some concepts.
And having to move to mostly virtual learning (I go back on campus for labs) didn’t help things. I also feel like I’m losing passion for the program I’m in, and my plan is that if all things go well and I’m graduating next year,  I’ll likely go back into school for an Esthetician program.
Prior to joining the Vet Tech program, I’m in, I was also scouting the 2-year Esthetician program at Seneca when I was in High School. I applied and got in, however gave up my seat to wait out the Vet Tech program. While I really liked the VTE program, I’m still drawn into skincare so that’s kind of my plan at the moment.
I don’t know much of the program but from what I remember there are two EST (Esthetician) programs available, one is a 2-year program and the other is a 3-year program. The 3-year program is supposed to prepare students and also allow them to work under a dermatologist after they graduate, I expect that it’s a bit more intense than the 2-year one.
My very, very loose plan at the moment is to graduate from my current program and then go back into College for the 3-year EST program. I’m a little terrified because it is a lot more money being spent, and with how the world is currently reacting to the pandemic, there’s a lot of things just up in the air.

For those of you waiting on my Podcasts, I apologize! I have a lot of them backed up and haven’t been able to find a quiet time to record anything since most of my household is at home at one time or another. I’ll be getting stuff up eventually!
I also appreciate everyone reading my blog, and would like to sincerely thank you, guys! And I’ll see you on the next blog post, April 8th!

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