So, not a lot happening because school starts tomorrow so here’s just a little real talk session about birthdays, birthday plans and etc. Feel free to skip if you’d like.

My 21st birthday technically occurs tomorrow, but due to possibly conflicting schedules, my family and I celebrated it the Friday before. Got a good amount of sushi and other various takeouts to pig out on at home and also grabbed some ice cream bars and 6 mini cakes.

Everything was pretty great and it was a quiet affair, and I’m expecting some packages tomorrow so it feels like I’m getting surprise presents lol. (Edited to add that the packages did arrive, but one ended up being lost so dealing with that confusing hubub now).

The reason why I opted for a smaller thing and didn’t order an ice cream cake like last year is that we’ve been in the pandemic for years now. I don’t know how long we still have yet to go so spending too much isn’t something I want right now.

The future (in my opinion) seems really unclear, and a little daunting too. While I’ve been very lucky that my immediate family has been spared from catching Covid-19 since it started, there are a lot of people we know around us that have unfortunately caught it. And with that, the new year and my birthday kind of brought on a bit of dread at what’s to come for this year.

Moving on, plans for 2022 include staying safe. I’ve got some reviews and etc planned for the beginning of the year and the rest is still a bit of a mystery. I do have some plans to outline my hair care, and there’s a variety of college life and lifestyle topics I’ll cover.

I also did end up finally making a purchase from Olive Young! So you can find a review of the entire experience and etc. when that comes out. I do have something that’s along the line of a health supplement/thing that I bought during that order and I’ll have a poll sometime closer to then asking if you’ll be interested in reading a review about it. It is a somewhat controversial type of product though so it’s really not for everyone.


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