My last exam was on June 20th so in general terms, my 4 years of high school are over! Honestly, I’m both relieved and just a little bit terrified. High school has been a sort of “shelter” for me for about 4 years, and since my college program is only 2 years long, I have 2 years of being a student before being thrown out into the “real world”. But other than my final moments in high school, there’s been some stuff happening in the background and I’ll talk about them here.
I’ll start from the events from the beginning of June, until now and some plans for the future. In my opinion, June came by way too quickly since May ended. I got my hair coloured on June 1st and I was busy the next few days  getting used to it and when I could wash my hair after 2 days, I spent that time testing my current hair products to make sure they don’t strip my hair of the colour.
The last day of classes for me before exams was June 11th, and it got me feeling a little emotional because while we can still get in touch through our phones and social media, it’s not the same as seeing your friends at school everyday or so.  I also saw that Revlon had a little event going on in the area near the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and a friend and I decided to attend on June 14th. We got to try some of their upcoming products, do an aura reading and ended up being able to choose a full sized lipstick to take home which was nice.
From top to bottom: Super Lustrous Lipstick in Spicy Cinnamon, Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry, and the Lip Stain in Black Cherry. Out of all of them, I like Spicy Cinnamon the best but I’m also partial to the lip stain. Unfortunately while I would wear the black cherry lipstick, it shows off a little patchy in comparison to the lip stain. I’ll probably end up using a lip concealer prior to using the lipstick.

Then on June 20th I had my last ever high school exam, there were 2 fire alarms pulled during said exam which kind of angered most if not all of the exam takers because we’d lose track of what question we were doing. Since then, I’ve done nothing but chill out and do some gentle masking to prepare my skin for prom and test out different makeup combinations. Luckily the prom venue is actually pretty close to where I live, so I don’t need to rush there.
I also ended up doing a bit of thinking on what I wanted to do after high school, so like did I want pets? Would I eventually move out of the city or move closer into the city and etc. I’m thinking that maybe on the summer of my first year in college, I’ll probably travel somewhere with my mom. I originally wanted to travel this summer but there’s too much to do, and the summer after I graduate college won’t work because I want to go straight to work.
The destination is still a mystery, but I’m hoping South Korea is where we go. Because it’s more affordable than Japan, so when I save up enough, I’ll treat my mom to a trip to Japan. As for pets, I still have 2 rabbits. They’re only 4 so I’ll still have them, but I’m thinking of getting a dog in about 3-5 years’ time, maybe even longer after that. I’m probably deciding between; a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Polish Lowland Sheepdog or a Shiba Inu.
As for moving outside or closer to the city, it would depend so there’s not much to say there. But one thing’s for sure, I’ll be doing my best to continue this blog. Anyways that’s kind of all for this Real Talk session, feel free to leave a comment about your plans or what your plans were for after high school/college/university.


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