For those who don’t know, I put off this blog post from May 29th until June first so that I can focus on my culminatings (year end assignments that most teachers give), in order to not have super diluted content. However this Real Talk topic I’m actually super excited for because it will sort of come off as a surprise, since it sort of gravitates away from my usual topics.
Now I can’t actually remember if I spoke about it on my blog, but I’ve been itching to dye my hair again. The last time I was in the chair again was back in 2017, when I had a purple/blue/violet ombré done. Then the last time I had dyed my full head a different colour was when I was in grade 1 I believe, honestly I don’t even know how that happened. But I remember my dad agreeing and next thing I know my mom comes home and sees me as a brunette.
I don’t believe that dyeing my hair is my way of expressing something, because if it was, my hair would be fried with how many colours I’d try. I guess it’s something that I’d like to do every few years or so. Anyways I spent about 1-2 months worth of time looking into what colour I’d want, and I narrowed it down to two colour categories. Metallic purple/violet or some form of Red/pink brown mix.
Though just last week, I made up my mind to go “red”. I wanted to try a different colour and I’ve done purple two years ago so it seemed like a good idea. Then I booked an appointment time and by the time you see this I’ll be starting the session. I was quoted for $235 for colour and cut, and an extra $20 if I wanted the bleach version. So I hope it’s around that.
I’ll update with pictures after the session! (TBD)
To be frank, I’m nervous. I can’t tell if the colour I’m getting done will be a warm-toned or cool-toned colour, and I know that cool-toned colours/shades will work best with me. So I do hope it works out lol. 

So a few things, I couldn’t go for the bleach and colour option because they said it might fry, it’s great they let me know. The process also ended up taking like 3hrs instead, because they had to dye it twice for the desired colour (covered in the $200 price, $35 is for cut) which isn’t a big deal because I had nowhere to go.
After the first session, my hair looked like it had been tinted instead of dyed and I internally panicked a little bit. But it was for nothing because they immediately began working on the second round of dye. I gave them a picture of what colour I wanted my hair to be dyed, but I had said that it doesn’t necessarily need to be the same exact colour.  (picture below)
For the most part, my hair colour is very very similar but a little on the darker side because bleach wasn’t an option. I still love it though, it’s this red-pink-brown colour, but looks purple-red-brown in indoor lighting. I’ll update with a picture in the morning!

Q&A (For those who are curious)

Why did you dye your hair?
I kept saying it was for prom or graduation, but really, I felt like it was fitting to change my hair colour and then maybe start college with this. Frankly, I don’t know yet I did want to. My mom also agreed (for once) so there’s that too.
“Fry” your hair?
I’m not an expert, but when I had my hair bleached for the purple ombre two years ago, my hair got increasingly dry to the point my mom tended to refer to it as “dry grass” despite my efforts to save it. Also saw some really bad DIY bleach jobs on YouTube where a hairstylist referred  to them frying their hair and I kind of put two and two together.
Why that colour?
I explained above, but I had also really wanted red hair as a kid so this is another check on the bucket list.


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