I couldn’t even think of a proper title for this latest ‘Real Talk’, because I feel like there’s been a lot going on in the background. One of which is happening today, which I’ll talk more about here and the other is a little project I’m doing and I’ll explain a little here and talk more about it when it’s solidified.
First off, I’m getting two wisdom teeth removed today. They started coming out when I got my braces in grade 6 or 7, and now they’re fully out. However, one problem with them is that my bottom ones went horizontal; meaning that sometime along the way they started tilting to the side, towards my molars. According to my orthodontist, this unfortunately creates a space between the two teeth that makes it easier for food to get stuck and for bacteria to form; in other words, a big hot mess unless it’s dealt with.
We only decided to get 2 of 4 done because of financial reasons, but the other 2 will come out eventually. Most likely with the same doctor, because he was recommended to us by the ortho and just the building over from said orthodontist. Looking back it seems as if a lot of people seem to be having their wisdom teeth removed this year, but I will admit that I’m terrified. I cannot eat or drink anything at least 8 hours before the procedure at 9:45am, and I will be put under I.V sedation (would be my first time actually).
I’m not looking forward to the “blackout” that happens, nor the pain afterwards, nor the possibility of what might happen under sedation, I suppose. I’m a person that hates pain, I’ve always been a fairly calm child growing up, no broken bones or the like. However, about 2 or so years ago I had to get two root canals done. I remember that with pain filled clarity, and I never want to undergo that again. But I find that getting the teeth removed now would be better than waiting for them to actually develop a problem or something in the future.
As a kid my dad always said:

“You will likely never know true pain until you get some sort of pain involving your teeth. It will hurt for the first while, then grow to be an annoyance and eventually drive you crazy if you let it be long enough”

I always thought he was stretching the truth a little bit until I got a very bad toothache while we were 3 days in on my parent’s anniversary trip to Cuba, I couldn’t eat, sleep or drink much. The pain was awful and we were very close to calling it quits and coming home, but then it disappeared. We never found out what and why it happened until it came back but on the other side, then we got the root canals done. Since then, I’ve been worried about anything regarding my teeth because that pain and annoyance is not allowed back into my life! Lol.
With that being said, I’ll probably post an update here when I return to normal from the anesthetic. Wish me luck! Day 1 update here.

Secondly, as some of you may know I’m heading off to college this September. Luckily for me, it’s not too far from home so I can make the commute. I had an idea the other day about making a blog that documents the whole journey of my college experience, however I didn’t want to do it alone and I didn’t want to make a topic on this here because it’s already pretty full. I will likely be asking some of my friends to be guest authors to help document a variety of experiences in college and/or university, in their specific programs of choice.
Everything is still up in discussion, so that’s all I have for you that I know for sure. I’ll be sure to introduce the new blog when it’s up an running, whenever that is.


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