If you haven’t read about what happened and why is is the part two of my July 16th Real Talk topic, then you should probably check that out first or you might be confused. You can read it . Moving on, this is a check up after what happened an a bit of a rundown of the happenings during and after the procedure. I might talk about this briefly in the future, because there’s always different stories and experiences about it and I don’t think it will hurt to add one more.
Now yesterday at 9:45 ish am, I went to a surgeon to get two of my wisdom teeth taken out. Other than the nurse guiding us to the room and asking some questions about my medical history or allergies, I was started on the laughing gas almost right away. Then the doctor came in and asked some questions, including if this was my first time going under anesthesia and they were like “okay so your first trip and we’ll be sending you to Hawaii then”. Cute, and I appreciated it because I was terrified.
Now, I wasn’t sure how they wanted me to breathe in the laughing gas (or whatever they called it, because I can’t recall) like normally or etc. I took large calming breaths because I didn’t want to freak out, and the setup for the procedure was done fairly quickly. The nurse found a vein (after checking both arms because they said I had little veins) in my other arm, and there was an ouch when the IV went in.
I also don’t mean to be dramatic but I felt the weird as heck sensation of the medication going up my arm partially, then a warmth around my neck/chest area and that’s when I think I blacked out. I’ll probably end up clarifying with my mom later. I woke up almost immediately after the nurse said it was time to get up and I feel like I recovered quickly, contrary to what we see on YouTube sometimes. Overall, maybe 1hr-1hr30mins total for my procedure.
The doctor prescribed a pain med for every 4 hours (yikes), an antibiotic to be taken 4 times a day until finished and gauze to stop the bleeding. As I’m writing this it’s nearing 2am in Toronto (July 17th) so I’m just waiting until then to take the next round of pain meds or I’ll wake up crying (probably).
Overall, everything’s good. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, I’ve got ice packs ready and I’m ready and willing to heal up quickly so I can be pain free once more.


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