It’s been a while (I think) since the last Real Talk post I’ve written and I hope everyone’s been doing well, despite constant lockdowns and a boatload of other struggles.  I’ve been away from the blog and have been trying to catch up, school and work have been killing me lately but nothing I can do about that. Let’s chat!

I’ll be completely honest, I don’t have a set topic for this ‘Real Talk’ post despite the title being ‘Music and misc.’. If it’s weird or etc, I will completely understand if you choose to wait for the next one, check out my other blog posts or just wander to another place on the web.
Lately, I feel that the music that’s been coming out has been better then again, not everyone shares the same music taste so there’s that.  I’ve been listening to K-pop for the better part of 7 years now, and whenever a super old song comes on followed by a song that came out within 2 years, I feel a bit of whiplash lol. Not to mention that there are a lot of new K-pop listeners that sometimes may not have heard a song I loved from a disbanded or older group. I feel so old in comparison sometimes lol.
What have you been listening to lately, K-pop or otherwise?
I listen to a lot  of genres but here’s my most played of late: 

  • Tail by Sunmi
  • Red Moon by Kim Wooseok (it’s an older song I came to love)
  • Sign by Dalsooobin
  • Sweet by So Yul & Bernard Park ft. Giant Pink (Miss Back show)
  • Finale by Raina, Ryu Sera, Dalsooobin, Gayoung, So Yul, Nada, Meil (Miss Back show)
  • 7 Summers by Morgan Wallen
  • Dance with me by Niko Moon
And my most repeated is Dreamcatcher’s Odd Eye, which I’ve linked the video below.

I’ve also heard that there was something going on between Spotify and Kakao M, and I saw that a lot of K-pop songs were deleted or removed from Spotify altogether. What is going on?? I don’t use Spotify but I do have an account that I was planning on utilizing for the blog, but I guess that’s out now…
Are/were you using Spotify? If not what do you use? I currently use Apple Music (not sponsored) because it’s one I’m pretty used to. No complaints but it’s pretty basic so…


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